The Geiger GmbH & Co. KG uses HiCAD for its design tasks
The Geiger GmbH & Co. KG uses HiCAD for its design tasks
The Fill Metallbau GmbH appreciates HiCAD’s great flexibility
The Fill Metallbau GmbH appreciates HiCAD’s great flexibility
The Eurotank GmbH designs its vehicles with HiCAD
The Eurotank GmbH designs its vehicles with HiCAD

User Reports

Metall- und Fassadenbau

Spectacular high tech architecture created with top performance software

seele GmbH - The worldwide leading role of the seele GmbH in the realization of extraordinary building shells is the result of the work of renowned architects, highly specialized staff members and multi-CAD capable software including BIM solution and PDM/PLM integration. The sustainable all-in-one solution for civil engineering consists in a combination of HiCAD and HELiOS by the ISD Software und Systeme GmbH.

Metal and Facade Engineering

With HiCAD into the future

BRM Fassadentechnik GmbH - As competition is getting tougher, design tools, especially 3-D CAD systems, play a decisive role for the realization of successful product strategies. With the right design tools in place, enterprises can introduce innovative top quality products onto the market more easily. The case of the BRM Fassadentechnik GmbH in Switzerland shows you how to make a successful switch to 3-D CAD.

Steel and Metal Engineering

Four companies trust in one CAD solution

The Kümin Metallbau AG from Oberbüren, the RGT Stahlbau AG based in Kappelen, the Stauffer Metallbau AG from Gwatt and the Blaser Metallbau AG from Andelfingen. These four metal engineering companies from Switzerland all vary regarding size and range of services. However, they have one thing in common: They are using HiCAD. You can learn more about the different types of use of our CAD solution HiCAD and the experiences with it in our User Report.

Mechanical Engineering

Growth instead of idle via successful linking

Priess, Horstmann & Co. Maschinenbau GmbH Co. KG - “Thanks to the interface between HELiOS and BEOSYS the output of our plants and machines has increased by 10 to 20 percent. In the last 3 years our production plants never had any idle periods – we even had to give much more parts to external manufacturers.“ Marc Steinhauer, System Engineer ERP and Administration at Priess, Horstmann & Co. Maschinenbau GmbH Co. KG.

Metal processing

BOZ Group B.V. - Expert in complex sheet metal processing

The Dutch BOZ Group has been specialising in sheet metal processing for 42 years. Its focus on engineering, sheet metal machining, powder coating, assembling of stainless steel, steel and aluminium sheets and plates, as well as the construction of machine elements makes the BOZ Group a top notch one-stop supplier. To ensure constant growth the BOZ Group uses state-of-the-art process optimisation and automation tools and the software solutions HiCAD, HELiOS and WiCAM.

Metal processing

Ordering customized laser cut sheet metal parts online

geerscutting - The sheet metal part supplier geersCUTTING uses the ISD Webshop, HiCAD and WiCAM automate its production processes. In this way, times for order processing can be reduced from several weeks to a few days.

Custom-tailored stairs, winter gardens and glass-aluminium facades - using the multi-industry capable CAD system HiCAD, MetallArt always finds the perfect solution.

Metal Engineering

Exclusive, custom-tailored stairs and metal constructions

MetallArt Metallbau Schmid GmbH - Steel, stainless steel and aluminium these are the materials of which MetallArt creates its custom-tailored stairs, winter gardens and glass-aluminium facades. Using the multi-industry capable CAD system HiCAD, MetallArt always finds the perfect solution for every requirement.

University Salzburg

Metal processing

Sheet metal processing in perfection

Zambelli GmbH & Co. KG - The Zambelli Group is a true all-rounder in the field of sheet metal processing that has been maintaining its top quality standards for more than 50 years now. To be able to meet the requirements of modern design task effortlessly, the Zambelli Group has been using the CAD system HiCAD for almost two decades. Zambelli creates its professional designs very rapidly, thus achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Steel Engineering

We finally found the right system

Prebeck GmbH - The German company Prebeck Stahlbau GmbH specialises in the realisation of complex, individual requirements of its customers. Its range of services covers virtually all areas of steel engineering: Structural steelwork, metalwork, textile and membrane design, plant engineering. During all projects, which can range from the functional to the spectacular, the focus is on the development of a tailor-made and sustainable solution.

Steel Engineering

Complex, yet flexible: Donges SteelTec uses HiCAD for power plant construction in South Africa

Donges SteelTec - Donges SteelTec, one of the leading German steelwork companies, uses HiCAD for its design tasks. The engineers of Donges SteelTec have recently been involved in the construction of 12 hard coal-fired power plant units in South Africa. The reasons for the choice of the system and the project report about the power plant construction illustrate the great complexity of such projects.