System Requirements



System requirements
HiCAD 2022

HiCAD Interfaces

HiCAD Compatibility Matrix


Product HiCAD 2022 HiCAD 2021 HiCAD 2020
Operating system
Windows 11, 64 Bit TBA
(Fehler) (Fehler)
Windows 10, 64 Bit (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Windows 8.1, 64 Bit (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
HiCAD Windows 8, 64 Bit (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
Windows 7, 64 Bit (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
PDM system
HELiOS 2022 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
HELiOS 2021 (Fehler) (Haken) (Haken)
HELiOS 2020 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
HELiOS 2019 und älter (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler)
LogiKal 11 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
LogiKal 10 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
LogiKal 9 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler)
PartSolutions 8 to 11 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
KISSoft 03/2017 up to 03/2019 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
CADClick 3.0 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)

Microsoft Office *

Office 2019

(Haken) (Haken) (Haken)

Office 2016

(Haken) (Haken) (Haken)

Office 2013

(Haken) (Haken) (Haken)

Office 2010

(Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Internet Explorer 9-11 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Edge (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Mozilla Firefox (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Google Chrome (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
*If communication between Microsoft Office and HiCAD takes place via the COM interface, then both must have the same Bit version (32/32 or 64/64 Bit). Otherwise problems may occur in connection with VBA, e.g. when creating/editing Excel BOMs.


System requirements
HELiOS 2022

HELiOS Compatibility Matrix


Product HELiOS 2022 HELiOS 2021 HELiOS 2020
Operating system
Windows 11, 64-Bit     (Haken) ** (Fehler) (Fehler)
Windows 10, 64-Bit (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Windows 8.1 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
Windows 8 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
Windows 7 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
CAD system      
HiCAD 2022 (Haken) (Fehler) (Fehler)
HiCAD 2021 (Haken) (Haken) (Fehler)
HiCAD 2020 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
HiCAD 2019 (Fehler) (Haken) (Haken)
HiCAD 2018 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
HiCAD 2017 or older (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler)
AutoCAD 2022 (Haken)     (Haken) **
AutoCAD 2021 (Haken) (Haken)     (Haken) **
AutoCAD 2020 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
AutoCAD 2019 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
AutoCAD 2018 (Fehler) (Haken) (Haken)
AutoCAD 2017 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
AutoCAD 2016 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
AutoCAD 2015 or older (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler)
AutoCAD Mechanical      
AutoCAD Mechanical 2022 (Haken)     (Haken) **
AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 (Haken) (Haken)     (Haken) **
AutoCAD Mechanical 2020 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
AutoCAD Mechanical 2018 (Fehler) (Haken) (Haken)
Inventor 2022* (Haken)    (Haken) **
Inventor 2021* (Haken) (Haken)     (Haken) **
Inventor 2020 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Inventor 2019 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Inventor 2018 (Fehler) (Haken) (Haken)
Inventor 2017 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
Inventor 2016 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
Inventor 2015 und älter (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler)
Navisworks 2022 (Haken)     (Haken) ** (Fehler)
Navisworks 2021 (Haken) (Haken)     (Haken) **
Navisworks 2020 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Navisworks 2019 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Navisworks 2018 (Fehler) (Haken) (Haken)
Navisworks 2017 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
Navisworks 2016 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
Navisworks 2015 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler)
SOLIDWORKS 2022     (Haken) ** (Fehler) (Fehler)
SOLIDWORKS 2021 (Haken)     (Haken) ** (Fehler)
SOLIDWORKS 2020 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
SOLIDWORKS 2019 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
SOLIDWORKS 2018 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
SOLIDWORKS 2017 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
SOLIDWORKS 2016 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
SOLIDWORKS 2015 und älter (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler)
CAE system      
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.9 (Haken) (Haken) (Fehler)
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.8 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.7 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.6 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.5 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.4 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Zuken E3 Version 2021     (Haken) ** (Fehler) (Fehler)
Zuken E3 Version 2020     (Haken) ** (Fehler) (Fehler)
Zuken E3 Version 2019 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Office 2021     (Haken) ** (Fehler) (Fehler)
Office 2019 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Office 2016 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Office 2013 (Haken) (Haken) (Haken)
Office 2010 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Haken)
Office 2007 or older (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler)
(Fehler) does not always meanthat the respective product is not compatible. It canalso meanthat the interactions betweenthis product andthe HELiOSClient have not beensufficiently testedby the ISD yet.
*As of Inventor Version 2021.1 (oder newer) can be used from HELiOS Version 2502.3 or 2600.1. The reasonforthis is the bug inInventordescribed here.
** as of SP1

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