Product cycle and availability of our products

To ensure that you can always work with the latest features without any problems, each version of HiCAD and HELiOS goes through a product life cycle.

Product Life Cycle

Major Release
This is the main version and first delivery of a new product cycle, e.g. HiCAD 2024 - Version 2900.0.

Service Pack
Includes further developments of the current product cycle. Known problems are fixed and new or existing functionalities are extended.

Contains corrections of known problems, but no new functionalities.

Solves critical problems and is provided at short notice if necessary. A hotfix does not include any new functionalities.



A product is available to you as long as new versions of it are created. During this period, the ISD will provide you with comprehensive support!

  • Access to service packs / patches / hotfixes of the current version as well as to the last patch / hotfix of the previous version
  • Paid support according to support contracts (e.g. software maintenance contract*, hotline support contracts)
  • Hotline support within the warranty period after purchase of one of our products (detailed information can be found in the software purchase agreement)
  • Free support services (Forum)

*Customers with a software maintenance contract are entitled to free support from our hotline. This applies to the last two major releases. Any other support is subject to a charge!

Matrix of the Product Life Cycle

The End of Life (EOL) of a product ends when we no longer provide technical support or make new product downloads available. After that, support for the respective product is limited exclusively to information on our website and in the forum. If the problems cannot be solved using these tools, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest product version.

Product Major Release Last Service Pack Last patch Hotline support New Service Packs available New patches available EOL*
HiCAD/HELiOS 2024 Oct. 2023
Mai 2024
July 2025 (Haken) (Fehler) (Haken) Oct. 2025
HiCAD/HELiOS 2023 Oct. 2022
Apr. 2023 July 2024 (Haken) (Fehler) (Haken) Oct. 2024
HiCAD/HELiOS 2022 Oct. 2021
Apr. 2022
Aug. 2023 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler) Oct. 2023
HiCAD/HELiOS 2021 Feb. 2021 May 2021 Aug. 2022 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler) Oct. 2022
HiCAD/HELiOS 2020 Feb. 2020
Sep. 2020
July 2021 (Fehler) (Fehler) (Fehler) Oct. 2021

* End of Life

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