Social Media Guidelines

Guidelines for promoting ISD products on private accounts

1. Responsibility
Please be responsible with your social media presence. Posts are public and may be on the inter-net for a long time. Privacy settings should be checked on a regular basis. Also, public posts should always add value for readers/customers, if possible.

2. Personality
Of course you are allowed to announce on social media that you work for the ISD. However, please make sure that you display your personal opinion, which reflects the company's point of view “in the smallest way”. We therefore ask you to use the wording "I" instead of "we".

3. Content
Do not post sensitive, private or confidential company information (e.g. unannounced product launches and promotions, internal sales results, company strategies, pricing information or com-parisons).

4. Copyright
Content can be copied very easily by others. This can lead to significant legal consequences. A good rule is: if the content does not belong to you and you do not have permission to use it, do not post it. Therefore, only post pictures or videos if you have the necessary rights to do so, for example because you have the written consent of the creator of the picture or video and also of the people depicted.

5. Transparency
If you express yourself on social media, we ask that you clarify your name. Invented names or nicknames given online do not make it obvious to readers who is commenting. It is more helpful and pleasant to be clear about the identity of the author.

6. Prudence
Please ensure that your posts do not cause a real or perceived conflict of interest. Arguments should always be factual and respectful and should not offend anyone.

7. Advertising purpose
Whenever ISD products are mentioned, they must be clearly identified as advertising. Recommen-dations are also considered advertising - use hashtags such as #ad, #paid, #isdgroup or #spon-sored for this purpose.

8. Service providers
If you engage third parties to endorse the ISD Group (e.g. advertising agencies and blogger net-works), make sure they understand your responsibilities and agree to these Guidelines before the collaboration begins. Monitor referrals from third parties you engage to ensure they are appropri-ately informing our clients about their connections to the ISD Group

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