Project based introduction of PDM
We support you right from the start!

Due to our more than 40 years of market presence, we at the ISD Group have been able to build up an enormous wealth of experience when it comes to introducing CAD and PDM software to our customers and prospects. However, despite this experience, over the decades, only a project sequence which can be divided into stages has developed. This forms the framework, and the cooperation with you forms the content of our projects. Because even if HELiOS as a PDM system will change and improve your processes in your company, your individual requirements are still our priority.

Reaching the goal together

We take a lot of time so that you can save time!

To help you start the project "Introduction of HELiOS" in a relaxed manner and to give you a feeling for what to expect, please take a look at the following exemplary roadmap.

1. Strategy workshop

In our strategy workshops at your site, you will work with one of our experienced consultants to determine how HELiOS can be optimally used for your purposes. We will learn more about your requirements and internal processes and you will delve deeper into the possibilities with HELiOS.

2. Concept book creation

The results of the workshops will be summarized by your project manager in a clear concept book, which contains the configurations to be made or also programming, installations and further training. The concept is then evaluated by you and any changes are incorporated.

3. Configurations and programming by the ISD Group

On the basis of the concept book, the project manager and his team of programmers and after-sales consultants carry out all adjustments internally at the ISD to meet the requirements in the concept book. We are always in contact with you and with other system partners of your company, if a connection of their systems makes this necessary.

4. Implementation of a test system

After the adjustments have been completed, an ISD employee will implement a test environment in your company so that you can thoroughly check the configurations and programming.

5. Training of key users for customer-specific adaptations

To ensure that the tests of the key users can be carried out productively in the test environment, we train them directly on their company-specific processes and the programmatic implementation we have made.

6. Testing and evaluation by the key users

The key users then have the opportunity to introduce possible changes or desired extensions during the evaluation phase. In the end, the key users accept the test system in its complete configuration and thus give the "go" for live operation.

7. Installation for live operation

The band begins to play: We implement the system and its configurations on all designated workstations.

8. Training for live operation

The remaining employees are then trained on our system with the support of the key users. Key users help us to convey the appropriate implementation and support of internal processes through our PDM system to their colleagues. Because nobody knows your processes as well as you do.

9. Start working with HELiOS

After the productive training you will start working with HELiOS in your daily business. In the beginning, you can be supported by your project manager or an after-sales consultant, before we gradually hand you over to the competent hands of our support team.

Wächter Packautomatik GmbH & Co. KG

„We are happy that we were able to seamlessly interface our ERP system with HELiOS. The data is automatically synchronized. This saves time and reduces errors caused by different versions that would otherwise still be in circulation, and prevents data loss due to incorrect forwarding between departments.“

Robert Förster, CAD-responsible Project Manager

Ingenieurbüro Dipl. Ing. Gronow

„lthough we are not a large company using HELiOS's workflows, since only one designer works on the current project at a time, we are able to use the HELiOS system for all our projects. However, we are dependent on a secure document management system using systematic folders and subfolders that update automatically.“

Holger Gronow, General Manager

SIVAplan GmbH

„As a customer we benefit from the possibilities that only a manufacturer can offer: Further developments and implementations on customer request. This has enabled us to optimise our processes even further and the ISD uses the know-how from the daily use of the solution for its further enhancement of the PDM software HELiOS.“

Daniel Althaus, Mechanical Design

Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

„CAD-generated drawings must also be managed. So HELiOS was added in the course of the HiCAD introduction. Our decision was supported by the fact that both programs come from one developer and are perfectly coordinated. The fact that the ISD is a German developer also favoured our choice.“

Thomas Vietz, System Administrator

MBS Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG

„Time that is saved by using HELiOS is immediately used for other activities - for essential design processes. Especially when entering master data, a lot of time is saved, as this data is now directly attached to the article and does not have to be re-entered when it is reused.“

Kai Ellerbrock, Programmer

Wächter Packautomatik GmbH & Co. KG

„By using the PDM software HELiOS, the search effort for parts, assemblies or documents could be greatly reduced. The daily management of documents has become much clearer, easier and more structured.“

Robert Förster, Chief Designer

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