PDM interfaced with Microsoft® Office
Integration for an efficient use of data

Many of a company's product information is created outside of CAD and PDM in the various application systems of Microsoft Office®. These data and documents - such as texts, spreadsheets or emails - can also be directly integrated into the product model managed with HELiOS via the interface to Microsoft Office®.

Is the Microsoft® Office interface the right solution for you?
Find out:

  • Is a large part of your documents generated by Microsoft® Office files?
  • Do you have countless additional information in the form of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and E-mail documents about your products?
  • Are there countless local copies of these documents on various computers in your company?
  • Is it difficult to work with several people from different departments on one document because the overview of the up-to-dateness is lost?
  • Does it often cause your administration difficulties or additional work to ensure read and write permission to certain documents for certain people?

HELiOS PDM offers a direct integration into the user interface of the common Microsoft Office products Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook. This enables you to use the advantages of HELiOS directly from the respective Office programs.

Benefits of the Microsoft® Office interface
Work faster and more efficiently

  1. Linking Office documents to your articles and products.
  2. Version management and release workflows for Office documents.
  3. The use of different document workflows or document classification allows you to retrieve your documents quickly.
  4. Access rights management for all users for targeted access control to their documents from Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  5. Direct integration into the user interface of Office products.
  6. Possibility to automatically incorporate HELiOS articles, documents, projects and folder attributes into recurring Office templates.
  7. Locks against editing via check-in and check-out mechanisms allow constructive collaborative work on Office documents.
  8. E-mails and their attachments can be automatically stored as one document or directly as several documents that are linked to each other.
  9. HELiOS' duplicate check in Outlook prevents duplicate creation of E-mails in multiple documents in your PDM system.

Organize your Microsoft® Office documents

In HELiOS, you can easily manage any Office document and thus consistently supplement your company's articles alongside information from CAD and electrical engineering systems. These can be technical documents such as declarations of conformity, FMEA analyses or technical data sheets. But it is also possible to store in HELiOS information that is created in other departments, for example in the form of offers or order confirmations from sales or operating instructions for purchased items from purchasing.

Working with Office actively involves many departments outside of design in the product life cycle. Templates to be filled with HELiOS article data simplify the automation of daily recurring tasks. Access rights management and workflows for individual documents allow all employees to participate in the preparation of the necessary information on their products across departments without inconsistencies. Also, important E-mails and the corresponding attachments that belong to your products, projects or the general development process of your innovations can be managed in a targeted way. By using the HELiOS-Office interface, you can extend your information flow to various departments and save important time in your daily work by the resulting synergy effects.

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