HELiOS Out of the Box
Fast, uncomplicated, efficient.

HELiOS "Out of the Box" is the quick and easy way to enter the world of PDM. This type of introduction is designed for our customers who have fewer than five workstations in their company and can, more or less, directly work with our software in its delivered state. The solution created for you will be less customized, but very time and cost effective.

How will HELiOS "Out of the Box" be introduced?
The preconfigured HELiOS PDM solution can be used directly and can be expanded individually.

  • Introduction within one week at your site
  • HELiOS Out of the Box = a package of services for a package price
  • Installing the PDM clients and servers
  • Planning of the configurational adjustments (to a limited extent)
  • Implementation of the adjustments directly on the system
  • Training (detailed user training and short admin training)
  • On-the-job support
  • "Training on the job" after the introduction in order to optimize the working method and to answer questions - individually and according to your wishes

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