The "All-in-One" CAD Solution

HiCAD is the only CAD software that offers a modular structure within one application and thus sets new standards in professional engineering.

Regardless of which industry you use HiCAD for, you design - freely or parametrically - with tried and tested 2D and 3D functions, model directly in the assembly (Assembly-based Modelling) and use specialist knowledge from a wide range of industries for your individual tasks. You will work with just one CAD system and with the most modern techniques - even for projects involving various industries. HiCAD offers you an integrated solution for all your development requirements - thanks to the industry solution integrated in HiCAD, you have no data loss whatsoever, while libraries for all industries and editing functions minimize administration and training costs. The complete service and direct support comes from the ISD Group!

An all-in-one system saves training costs

The identical structure of the user interfaces of all modules reduces the training effort and enables rapid and well-structured working. You can concentrate on learning the basic methods and are not constantly confronted with new interfaces, shortcuts or the like. The latter is a shortcoming of many 3D programs, they often have a very complex user interface, which is not very intuitive even for experienced 3D designers.

Modular structure

Whether you work in a small manufacturing company or a large international enterprise - thanks to its modular structure, HiCAD can be optimally adapted to your company-specific CAD requirements and easily integrated into the existing software environment. Our products have a modular structure, can be integrated individually or in combination into your existing IT environment, customized if required and used for all industries - even for projects involving various industries.

In addition to basic CAD modules and industry suites, various HiCAD extension modules offer you state-of-the-art functions for individual requirements.

As a flexible modular system, HiCAD can be easily upgraded at any time on the basis of a CAD module or an industry suite.

HiCAD Extension modules:

  • Sheet Metal Prof.
  • Beams and profiles
  • Steel Engineering
  • Metal Engineering
  • Staircases
  • Point Cloud
  • Pipeline Planning
  • 3D Layout Planning
  • Pipeline Isometry
  • P&ID
  • Element Installation
  • Profile Installation
  • Plot Manager
  • Freeform Surfaces
  • Report Manager Prof.
The CAD modules in comparison

HiCAD - The CAD extension modules at a glance

Plot Manager

Several or all model drawings of a directory and several views (sheets) of a model drawing can be printed in one step.

Free-form surfaces

Realization of state-of-the-art design products with arbitrarily curved surfaces that cannot be described analytically


3D converters for IGES, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, DXF/DWG, JT, Pro/Engineer and much more.
Special interfaces, e.g. DSTV, SDNF, IFC, TopsGeo, VDAFS, KISSsoft, ROHR2

Standard parts

Complete packages of 2D and 3D standard parts for mechanical engineering, sheet metal processing, steel, metal and plant engineering

Parts4CAD module for easy access to the online standard parts library of Cadenas


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