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HiCAD 2024 - Service Pack 2

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A new version with more performance than ever!

With HiCAD 2024 - Service Pack 2, the latest programme version of our CAD software is now available. We have made every effort to optimise many functions for easier and faster handling. We have summarised the highlights of the version for you here in videos.


  • Extension of the automatic quick display
  • Optimisation of the sectional views
  • New versions of third-party formats
  • Drag & Drop without dialogue
  • Redesign pipes and tanks
  • Pipe book for pipe isometrics and pipe plans
  • and much more.

For more information and an overview of all new features, please take a look at our online help!

Die Highlights im Video

New features in the operation and user interface
Service Pack 2 includes a graphical update for the Start Centre. There are minor improvements in the ICN, including the exclusive display of the item text. There are also new features in the external tools such as the CATEditor or the Report Manager.

New features in drawing detailing
The highlight of Service Pack 2 is the magnetism for annotation objects, such as annotation tags or form and positional tolerances. Inflexion points can be moved easily and selectively. Among other things, the developments retain dimensional changes made by the user during synchronization.

New features in modelling
In Service Pack 2, the cam joint offers further practical options for drilling corners. The processing direction is now taken into account for all part types when placing the parts. There are also new functions in the formula editor.

New features in the Railing Configurator
As of Service Pack 2, ‘Continuous infills’ are now also available in the railing configurator in addition to the previous ‘Infill, between posts’. These are 2 new infill variants: ‘Segment infill through posts and ‘Segment infill with spacers’. In the case of ‘Segment infill through posts’, the knee rails are guided through the posts, and in the case of ‘Segment infill with spacers’ through the spacers. Another new feature of the Railing Configurator concerns the railing connections: ‘Post - Handrail’ and ‘Post  - Sub-structure’. There is a new ‘Console (Round steel)’ connection for the connection between post and handrail and the posts can be connected with the new ‘Lateral connection with flat steel’ variant for the ‘Post – Sub-structure’ connection.

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