3-D CAD Software for Vehicle and Trailer Construction

Everything for car body and trailer construction in one CAD package

Produce in series or completely in sales order. Do you want to control the working hours and materials per project? Clever and goal-oriented engineering helps you do this! Car body and trailer construction combines sheet metal, steel and mechanical engineering. All these possibilities are offered by HiCAD!

Use HiCAD to create drawings for
vehicle and trailer construction in HiSPEED

The following functions help you achieve a time-saving workflow:

Create workshop drawings with only a few mouse clicks

Easily create workshop drawings with views, dimensions, annotations and of course BOMs. As a user, you have full control over how the workshop drawings are created. Use our standard settings or develop your own standards for workshop drawings.


Automatic identical part search

Thanks to our powerful functions, you can always see how often identical parts are used in your project. In this way, you always retain control of the project and can manage production processes efficiently and effectively. Thanks to identical parts recognition, creating a correct BOM is very simple and fast!


Reuse of parts and assemblies

The intelligent setup of parts and assemblies so that they can be used later in other projects is easily possible with HiCAD! Provide the model with parameters that can be used to control the model. Do you have a new, almost identical project? If you use the model again and change the parameters, the derived model is quickly ready for use!


Extensive part libraries

Use the integrated standard library to place fasteners or bores in your products. Do you want to adapt the standard bores afterwards? Then this can be done quickly and easily, as this information is stored in the part. This is a very practical function for reuse!



Our self-developed PDM system HELiOS gives you more control over revision management, among other things. Would you like to know which changes have been implemented in a project? HELiOS offers a clear answer to this frequently asked question.


Create assembly drawings or exploded drawings

Use the "Exploded view" function to break up your product. This will allow you to assemble and/or mount together the car body or trailer without errors. If desired, add assembly lines to increase the clarity of the drawing. Is a drawing not enough? Then there is the possibility to create a video for the assembly directly in HiCAD!


Fahrzeugbau Heinz Böse GmbH

„In close cooperation between software provider and user, individual adaptations in parametric automation have been developed, which significantly simplify processes in our company. We as end users are very satisfied with this possibility“

Sven Pfeiffer, CAD Engineer

Fast implementation of individual productions in vehicle construction with 3-D CAD software

For this special 3-D CAD sector, we recommend using the HiCAD Mechanical Engineering suite premium software package. In this application package, you will find numerous modules and functions that optimally support your daily work.

We would be pleased to advise you on the suites, the individual functions and configuration levels - arrange an online demonstration now.

HELiOS – CAD data management for engineering.

With HELiOS the CAD suites can be extended to a professional data/process management system.



Elements from older projects can be reused faster.


Faster search

The time needed to search for drawings, documents and geometries is significantly reduced.


Optimal data maintenance

Data are transferred directly into your ERP system and therefore do not have to be maintained twice.


Central data management

Provision of meaningful and valuable information in one central location.

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