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From SCAN and process planning to the 3-D pipeline

In HiCAD you find the complete world of plant engineering in one layout. We supply you with the pipeline parts and the structural steel beams. We configure the stairs, the railings and clad your structures. We develop the sheet metal parts and model each part.

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The following functions help you achieve a time-saving workflow.

Process planning in the P+ID

The symbols can be marked according to DIN, KKS or RDS-PP. You load the symbols from extensive libraries. The intelligent connections on the components and the pipe classes guarantee you planning reliability. With the link to the 3-D layout plan, you can keep the data consistent.


Designing and planning in on-site environments

The access to the environment in the form of the scanned point cloud reflects reality perfectly. The clipping box brings us close to the location of tanks and pumps. Thanks to our PDM system HELiOS, all those involved in the project are already up to date with the latest information during the design phase.


3-D layout plan with all piping systems

The data from the P+ID equip the 3-D pipeline with information from the pipe class. The pipeline is automatically filled with pipe parts, with automatic flange and reducer selection. Seals and weld gaps ensure exact pipe lengths. Bills of materials are also always correct thanks to the integrated bolting logic.


Isometric and pipe spool drawings for all pipelines

The automatic workshop drawing for all pipelines is created at the push of a button. Pipe shortening, automatic dimensioning, flow direction arrows and down-grade symbols are optionally selectable. Lists for pipe parts, pipe lengths and welding seams supplement the drawing and determine the calculation.


Pipelines and pipe clamps calculated in ROHR2

With the direct interface to the calculation program the data are transferred to ROHR2 without errors and without additional effort. Both the pipe parts and the supports are transferred, complete with log file creation. This completes the process chain in pipeline planning.


Planning safety through pipe classes

Safe planning of pipelines makes the use of pipe classes indispensable. The PDM system HELiOS manages all order-related data workflow-controlled and regulates access rights. The extensive stock of parts is clearly structured by lists of characteristics.



„Rapid short-term creation of design drafts based on minimal technical or spatial data has a positive effect on response and lead times: for smaller plants or conversions sometimes only a few hours or a few days.“

Jorick Massier, CAD designer

Ingenieurbüro Dipl. Ing. Gronow

„It doesn't make sense nowadays to work only with 2-D, as you have to think spatially just because of the collision control.“

Holger Gronow, General Manager

Marbos Nord GmbH & Co. KG

„HiCAD offers a large field of application possibilities, which are very helpful for interdisciplinary work. For example, we can visualize a pipe routing just as well as a sheet metal or steel engineering construction.“

Sabine Loock, General Manager

Highlights of our 3-D CAD solution for plant design

Video "Process planning in the P+ID"
Video "Designing and planning in one-site environments"
Video "Isometric and pipe spool drawings for all pipelines"
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Video "Pipelines and pipe clamps calculated in ROHR2"
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Optimizing lead times with HiCAD

GASKLAR GmbH & Co. KG | Reference report

Natural gas is transported under high pressure in supraregional distribution networks. This must be reduced in gas pressure control and metering systems so that the end consumer can benefit from the natural energy resource. Peter Jarchow, managing director of the GASKLAR GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2017, is dedicated to the construction of such plants. In addition, he and his more than 40 employees ensure that all services related to „network infrastructure“ are provided throughout Germany - „from the North Sea and Baltic Sea to Lake Constance“: „Starting with tank construction and the manufacture of welded parts for plants, through to electrical engineering modernization or work on the natural gas preheating system.

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„Kurzfristiges und schnelles Erstellen von Konstruktionsentwürfen auf Basis minimaler technischer oder räumlicher Angaben wirkt sich positiv auf Reaktions- und Durchlaufzeiten aus: bei kleineren Anlagen oder Umbauten mitunter nur ein paar Stunden oder wenige Tage.“

Jorick Massier, CAD-Konstrukteur

Invest in HiCAD- benefit from 2D/3D

Ingenieurbüro Dipl. Ing. Gronow | Reference report

Since 1998, Berlin’s engineering office Gronow designs system technology for energy systems – including planning service, construction supervision and system documentation. Until 2003, managing director Holger Gronow relied upon drawings created with AutoCAD 2D. Before he was introduced to 2-D/3-D consistent software HiCAD along with PDM system HELiOS at Cebit Trade Fair, he had created “vast amounts of drawings which were only understandable by putting them about each other.”

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„lthough we are not a large company using HELiOS's workflows, since only one designer works on the current project at a time, we are able to use the HELiOS system for all our projects. However, we are dependent on a secure document management system using systematic folders and subfolders that update automatically.“

Holger Gronow, General Manager
Ingenieurbüro Dipl. Ing. Gronow

Maître du système avec HiCAD

Brochier Rohrleitungsbau Nürnberg GmbH | Reference report

Depuis plus de 140 ans, cette PME du génie civil est spécialisée dans la construction de tuyauteries et d’installations. De nombreux projets couronnés de succès jalonnent littéralement son parcours : la construction de GDRMA Nördlingen, la construction d‘une nouvelle station de régulation de la pression du gaz pour Stadtwerke Schwabach GmbH, la construction de la nouvelle station de transfert de gaz pour Stadtwerke Schweinfurt GmbH et la pose d‘un tracé de gazoduc Osram pour Porr Industriebau GmbH.

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The company Brochier Rohrleitungsbau Nürnberg GmbH is an expert in pipeline and plant construction and uses the HiCAD software of the ISD Group to be consistently constructive and fluently productive.

„HiCAD is extremely efficient. The system can do so much that there can never be a single standard solution, but it is this individuality that makes the system so attractive to me.“

Andreas Rösch, Project Leader Plant Engineering
Brochier Rohrleitungsbau Nürnberg GmbH

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