3-D CAD software for metalworking shops

Measurement as a basis for your 3-D designs

Your time and that of your customers is precious. That's why everything in HiCAD is interlinked and readily available: In combination with the latest 3-D scanning technology, you can precisely capture composite edges, planar surfaces and any shape in no time at all and generate them as 3-D data at the push of a button.

Use HiCAD to create drawings for
metalworking shops in HiSPEED

The following functions help you achieve a time-saving workflow:

Configurator for stairs and railings

With its staircase and railing configurator, HiCAD is a real support: stairs and railings can be easily configured and loaded into HiCAD. You can also react promptly to subsequent change requests and vary the shape, model and type of mounting of your staris or railings.


Automated steel engineering connections

Improve your joints and connections and make use of the standards catalogue and the steel engineering libraries of HiCAD. Whether DAST connections or your own connections created as required - you will have everything you need for a load-bearing structure at your disposal. Welded and special beams and profiles can be automatically adapted to changing installation situations - according to the motto: "No connection, no neat finish".


Sheet Metal: from 3-D model to finished development

Starting with the creation of the basic geometry and the generation of chamfers to the developed DXF contour: thanks to HiCAD, you can develop your sheet metal construction with just a few clicks. Intelligent functions enable a fast and easy, practical corner processing, e.g. applying of mitre cuts and drainage areas as well as company-specific layer definitions.


Create workshop drawings and BOMs automatically

Create your drawings rapidly and easily: Get your workshop drawing at the push of a button, with development, blank and 3-D view - of course, complete with designations and dimensions. Other production documents such as BOMs or overbend tables are also generated automatically in HiCAD.


Planning and overview drawings

Create detail and approval drawings rapidly and easily: In HiCAD you can conveniently create detail views, sectional views and cut-outs from the 3-D model drawing. You can also take advantage of the benefits of 3-D planning: Not only do you create more clarity for those who use the drawing, you also create fewer drawings in total.


Interfaces for customers and suppliers

A large number of interfaces enable you to quickly import and export your data. Whether DXF, DWG, STEP or IFC - with HiCAD you can exchange data without any problems. This guarantees you error-free production without data loss from receipt of the order to the final product.


Stundner Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH

„Thanks to HiCAD's steel engineering connection libraries and the integrated automatism to create welded and special profiles, we were able to display details very clearly and make spontaneous changes on the spot – in direct dialogue with the architect and with the customer.“

Markus Stundner, design engineer

Rood Metallbauplanung AG

„Without the possibility of 3-D we would not have accepted the project. This would have been too complex.“

Marcel Suter, Project Leader 3-D

NILU Stahlbau GmbH

„Automatically created BOMs and drawing derivations are pricelessly valuable and save a lot of time.“

Anton Ilic, General Manager

BURRI public elements AG

„HiCAD impresses by its top performance and is a very useful tool for steel and metal engineering tasks“

Bernhard Gasser, Chief Designer

Metallbau Mühlbacher

„I did not use 3-D CAD before and was therefore somewhat sceptical. But even the training was great and the program was easy to use. Right after that I started with projects. Also the support since then has been enormous and I like it. The technicians assist you and ask if everything fits. You always feel well looked after with the ISD. Now I am happy to be able to plan my orders in 3-D and I can't imagine working without HiCAD.“

Robert Mühlbacher, General Manager

Highlights of our 3-D CAD solution for metal engineering

Video "Sheet Metal: from the 3-D model to the finished development"
Video "Workshop drawing and BOM available at the push of a button"
Video "Automatic connections"
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Video "Planning"
Video "Data exchange made easy"
Video "Configurator for stairs and railings"

Special designs as a welcome challenge

Stundner Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH | Reference report

Examples of buildings limited to purely structural and functional aspects abound," says Markus Stundner, design engineer at Stundner Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH. "The challenge is to meet certain requirements in order to achieve the desired harmony of supporting structures and architecture."

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The special design of a steel pavilion with convex-concave pillars that run wave-like to the ground and a dome was a challenge for Stundner Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH that they were able to overcome with the help of HiCAD.

„Durch die Stahlbau-Anschlussbibliotheken von HiCAD und den integrierten Automatismus, Schweiß- und Sonderprofile an verschiedene Einbausituationen anzupassen, konnten wir an Ort und Stelle - im direkten Dialog mit dem Architekten und mit dem Kunden - übersichtlich Details darstellen und spontane Änderungen durchführen.“

Markus Stundner, Konstrukteur
Stundner Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH

Skywards with HiCAD

Stahlbau Nägele GmbH | Reference report

For more than 70 years, the Stahlbau Nägele GmbH has relied on a building material that is modern, flexible, quick to assemble and recyclable: steel. The 210-employee company from Eislingen an der Fils installs around 8,000 tons of this formable, environmentally friendly material every year and is on hand, for example, when it comes to new hall construction and extensions, terrace roofing, carports, staircases and railings, carports, stairs and railings.

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Stahlbau Nägele GmbH used HiCAD to construct Germany's highest observation tower in Baden-Würtemberg, a steel and larch scaffold with three visitor platforms.

„To change a standard part, all it took was a click of the mouse, and all editing options were directly available, as well as all technological data such as weight, length and surface area.“

Matthias Greiner, Technical Director
Stahlbau Nägele GmbH

Planning precision throughout thanks to HiCAD

Rood Metallbauplanung AG | Reference report

Rood Metallbauplanung AG is a planning office for modern steel, metal and glass constructions and various building shells. It was founded in 2013 by Rochus Odermatt in Stans, Switzerland. Services such as submission planning, expertise and implementation planning are part of the range of tasks of the Swiss company, which has been using HiCAD - the CAD software of the ISD Group in Dortmund - for three years now.

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The project was also managed by Rood Metallbauplanung AG. Post transoms, glass with various angles of inclination, around 3000 sheets, stairs and also fire protection elements were successfully planned with HiCAD.

„Without the possibility of 3-D we would not have accepted the project. This would have been too complex.“

Marcel Suter, Project Leader 3-D
Rood Metallbauplanung AG

With HiCAD you even have the rainforest on your radar

Metallbau Linder | Reference report

HiCAD can be used in so many ways that even the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has already been able to benefit from it: In 2015, Georg Linder designed a radar reflector with the 2D/3D integrated CAD software of the ISD Group based in Dortmund. On numerous measurement flights within the Afri-SAR campaign the DLR determined the condition of the rain forest with the F-SAR sensor in the long wavelength radar range

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Georg Linder designed a radar reflector with HiCAD so that DLR could determine the condition of the rainforest. The radar reflector, weighing 1000 kg, consists of three smooth, metallic conductive aluminium plates standing vertically on top of each other.

Upgraded statics with top tools from HiCAD

NILU Stahlbau GmbH | Reference report

NILU Stahlbau GmbH, founded in 2005, offers a diversified scope of steel construction expertise, including stairways and staircases, railings, hall constructions, balconies and lift shafts. One of the company‘s main focuses is on architectural steel and supporting structures under the roofs of Vienna.

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A vivid reference for structural challenges is the Palais Schottenring. To ensure appropriate load-bearing capacity, the listed building was statically reinforced from the foundation to the roof with steel structures.

„Automatically created BOMs and drawing derivations are pricelessly valuable and save a lot of time.“

Anton Ilic, General Manager
NILU Stahlbau GmbH

Realize complex projects with state-of-the-art CAD technology

In order to be able to create these kind of model drawings easily and according to standards, we recommend using the HiCAD Steel Engineering Package or the HiCAD Steel Engineering suite premium. Do you already use LogiKal from Orgadata? Then we suggest using the Metal Engineering suite or the Metal Engineering suite premium.

Seamless data flow for engineering with HELiOS PDM

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