The comprehensive project solution for all industries

More and more frequently, companies from all industries are asking us for a complete solution to automate their business processes. We offer exactly this complete solution with our products HiCAD and HELiOS for CAD and PDM/PLM. We support you right from the start: from product development, design, sales and work preparation to production and control.

Perfect document organization with HELiOS

Link HiCAD to HELiOS for maximum efficiency.

Their own products are the heart of most companies and guarantee their long-term success. PDM (product data management) is used to bundle and channel the information on a product from different systems (e.g. Office, CAD or even ERP) and different departments. This makes it particularly easy to find all information about a product and access to this information is controlled by an access rights management system. HELiOS can be used for different expansion stages of product data management and is prepared for all requirements.


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