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HELiOS 2023 SP1

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With HELiOS 2023 SP1, the latest program version of our PDM software is now available. We have made every effort to optimize many functions for easier and faster handling. We have summarized the highlights of the version for you here shortly. For more information and an overview of all new features please have a look at our Online Help.


HELiOS Desktop / Spooler

HELiOS Desktop

Performant result lists and searches
Result lists and searches have been further optimized and significantly speeded up with regard to the required database and authorization queries. In this context, the previously existing options for controlling the display of objects without read permission have been removed.

  • Only objects for which the user actually has read permission are now displayed.
  • Sorting of result lists is now about 10 times faster.
  • The number of database queries has been further reduced.

Error display during printing and exporting
Errors that prevent printing or exporting documents are displayed in the corresponding dialogue below the document result list when you click OK. Double-clicking on an error will highlight the corresponding document in the results list above it.

New data type for list attributes
With the release of SP 1, a new data type called "LIST" has been introduced for this type of attributes. The behaviour of the list attribute, either as predefined list (choose "Predefined") or free list (choose "None"), can now be configured with the normal options for selection lists.


HELiOS Spooler

By loading the document structure directly from the Spooler Server instead of from the Client, a significant performance increase could be achieved when printing/converting.


New Tools / HELiOS Internet Server

New Tools

Server Monitor: HELiOS article synchronization
As of SP1, administrators can now also configure the Server Monitor to monitor the operation of the article synchronization services for the EPLAN or E3 electrical engineering applications.

  • The general runability is checked.
  • Synchronization errors at runtime are also output for the administrator (orange error status).

Deletion of item numbers when deriving
If you use HiCAD and HELiOS in the context of a project-related mode of operation in which the referencing option For main part and sub-part is set in the Configuration Editor at System settings > Referencing > Synchronize item numbers/part attributes when updating file, item numbers for derived parts are automatically deleted when the part structure is derived via the CAD structure, or when a derivation is created via the HELiOS Desktop.

Opening STEP files from HELiOS in HiCAD
Document masters with STEP files can now be opened directly in HiCAD using the Open... functions in the HELiOS context menu or the corresponding buttons in the results lists. However, HiCAD must be configured as an application for opening STEP files in Windows.

Error display during printing and exporting

New data type for list attributes

Deletion of item numbers when deriving

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