The Geiger GmbH & Co. KG uses HiCAD for its design tasks
The Geiger GmbH & Co. KG uses HiCAD for its design tasks
The Fill Metallbau GmbH appreciates HiCAD’s great flexibility
The Fill Metallbau GmbH appreciates HiCAD’s great flexibility
The Eurotank GmbH designs its vehicles with HiCAD
The Eurotank GmbH designs its vehicles with HiCAD

User Reports

Textile Industry

Engineering in a globalised market

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG Textilmaschinenfabrik - Complex projects in the field of plant engineering make extremely high demands on the software and hardware used for their realisation. At the textile machinery manufacturer Trützschler, the connection and networking of international locations presents an additional challenge. During these tasks, HiCAD and HELiOS provide the best possible support.

Sheet Metal

High-precision sheet metal processing

Wilvo metaalbewerking bv. - Today sheet metal processing stands for state-of-the-art production technologies and materials. Whereas in former times, housing elements, facade sheets etc. used to be made up of several parts, it is now possible to use complex folded sheets consisting of only one piece. Therefore, 3-D CAD and a consistent process chain have recently become increasingly important.

Sheet Metal

Optimised and consistent process cycles, more time for customers

Suplacon - The Dutch sheet metal processing company Suplacon can handle even the greatest time pressure effortlessly: Thanks to a consistent process chain, many of their production processes could be automated. These time savings do not only enable the company to react to customer wishes immediately and flexibly, but also to use their NC machines to full capacity.

Steel and Metal Engineering

"Under one roof" - Metal and Glass Engineering with HiCAD

Tuchschmidt AG - Modern architecture often uses forms and materials in an experimental, almost playful manner. The combination of elements from various industries poses great challenges to all parties involved, from design to components assembly. The example of a current prestige project realised in Bern, Switzerland, demonstrates how to tackle and master the technical difficulties.

Plant Engineering

Happy customers thanks to 3-D design

Ingenieurbüro Dipl. Ing. Gronow - Especially in the field of plant engineering, complex projects and complicated drawings pose great challenges to the engineers when it comes to clearly outlining the details of project planning to all parties involved. The engineering office Dipl. Ing. Gronow therefore fully relies on the benefits of 3-D design. Experience has shown that 3-D design helps speeding up decisionmaking processes while minimising rework and improving the cooperation with the customer.

Plant Engineering and Conveyor Technique

HELiCON abridges the product development process in conveyor technology

VHV Anlagenbau GmbH - In the field of conveyor technology, a particularly high degree of customisation is required. Plant size, transported materials, spacial limitations - all these are factors that demand a maximum of flexibility to enable a perfect realisation of customerspecific requirements. At the same time, however, many options for component modularisation are available. This difficult balancing act between customisation and standardisation can be easily performed using a so-called "product configurator".

Schwarzenburg, Switzerland

HiCAD and HELiOS in the workplace: Design automation at Kaba Gilgen AG

Kaba Gilgen AG - Even today, many companies still avoid the changeover from 2-D to 3-D design, despite the obvious benefits it offers. The Kaba Gilgen AG in Switzerland, in contrast, has been using 3-D design for almost a decade now and, as a result, managed to increase its productivity considerably. The specialist for innovative drive technologies can look back on a long CAD history. As early as 1992, a 2-D CAD system was implemented which could, however, no longer keep up with the constantly increasing requirements some day. Convinced by the benefits of 3-D design, the KABA Gilgen AG decided to look for a suitable follow-up system.

Mechanical Engineering

Schenck Process and ISD successfully realise PLM concept

Schenck Process GmbH - The Schenck Process GmbH, one of the global market leaders in the field of measurement and process engineering, has just realised, in cooperation with the software company ISD, an extensive PLM project successfully integrating ERP, PDM and CAD. Subject of this long-term project was the creation of interfaces between HELiOS next (the PDM system by ISD) and SAP-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), respectively SAP-DV (Document Management).

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

A successful changeover to 3-D design

Jöst GmbH + Co. KG - Especially in the fields of mechanical engineering and plant engineering with their complex and highly individual products, the efficiency of the CAD software used is a decisive factor of success. Heterogenous 2-D and 3-D CAD environments often make the design process rather difficult. The German company Jöst, however, has mastered these challenges successfully.