Our CAD and PDM training courses
Competent and practice-oriented

The practice-oriented HiCAD and HELiOS training courses of the ISD Group are aimed at both experienced and less experienced CAD and PDM users.

The basic training courses offer you the opportunity to quickly become familiar with our software solutions in order to be able to design productively.

Advanced training courses are for experienced users and are dedicated to specialist topics, explain industry-specific functions in detail and deal with more complex topics and application techniques.

Specific training courses can also be offered for experienced as well as for less experienced CAD and PDM users. Here you will receive - by arrangement - comprehensive knowledge, e.g. for company-specific solutions, optimal working methods or special functions.

Qualified instructors provide users with practically prepared knowledge for the successful use of our CAD or PDM software. Small groups of participants contribute to the ideal learning success. The ISD Group conducts the training courses at its own training centres in its main office and subsidiaries. Here you will acquire or deepen your knowledge of the correct working methods with our software solutions HiCAD and HELiOS. Whether basic, advanced or individual company-specific training courses - our qualified instructors will convey practical knowledge in a pleasant working atmosphere using our software. On request, we also offer training at your site.

Online Training

Driven by the current exceptional situation, we are working on solutions with great effort so that you remain capable of acting. Together with our instructors, we are working on possibilities to offer you the basic and advanced training courses as online courses. In the near future we will provide you with information about the contents offered.

Training contents

We know all the software products we train in detail, and we can observe the permanent further development at close range - an advantage that only a software manufacturer can offer. This enables us to pass on our bundled knowledge from the entire product portfolio around HiCAD and HELiOS to our customers. Our practice-oriented training courses ensure that the participants receive the knowledge necessary for an optimal product development process in CAD.

Qualified instructors

Our team of trained engineers, designers and technical product designers knows the professional requirements of modern design work down to the last detail. With more than four decades of project experience in the field of CAD and PDM, we provide you with the complete package to support your design work. We always look ahead, because we attach great importance to your investment in the future.

Why not try out these promising technologies in our training centre?

A detailed overview of the contents and dates as well as a registration form can be found here.

If you have any questions about our training program, please contact us at training@isdgroup.com.

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