What is an ERP system?
Provide and process product data and information

ERP systems are used in all operational areas from administration to controlling. They fulfil various tasks for the provision and processing of information. This simplifies and automates work processes and saves time, costs and effort for the company.

ERP software is used in a wide range of departments of a company
• Finance
• Materials Management
• R&D
• Sales
• Human Resources


Is HELiOS with an ERP interface the right solution for you?
Find out:


  • Do you often find it difficult to keep the fields of CAD, manufacturing, purchasing or sales - in other terms: the fields that are essential to all ERP system users - at a consistent level?
  • Does your engineering department still think in terms of drawing numbers and geometries while the rest of the company is already working in an article-based manner?
  • Do you spend vast amounts of expensive working time of your employees to manage article data in ERP?
  • Do any BOMs have to be generated manually in your enterprise resource planning?
  • Do all these manual activities occasionally result in serious but human errors?
  • Is the generation of neutral formats such as PDF or STEP done manually in order to provide production with the required documents?
  • Or do you even produce vast amounts of paper drawings that are difficult to keep track of?

Through its article-oriented approach, HELiOS offers the possibility to link the data and drawings generated in the world of CAD with the articles used in the rest of the company. HELiOS automatically generates article-based product structures directly from the CAD model structure, which serve as the basis for bills of materials in ERP.

HELiOS PDM: Advantages of an interface to your ERP system

  1. After transfer, all company-wide article masters are available to both ERP and PDM users with their always consistent and current status.
  2. Manual transfer of BOMs between design and ERP is no longer necessary - human error is thus avoided.
  3. Correct versions of up-to-date production documents are available at the push of a button, also in the ERP system.
  4. Article information only has to be made available in one department in the company and is then made accessible to everyone through the data flow in the company.
  5. Documents accompanying the CAD model can also be passed on to the ERP system on request.
  6. Manual and also fully automated transfer possible.


Our PDM/PLM software HELiOS offers you the key technology that will make your company even more competitive with a mature PLM. With the ability to automatically link design data to items, HELiOS offers you more than just drawing management. Based on the articles from CAD, product structures are generated, which can be supplemented with non-graphical components. All in all, this enables a seamless data flow between design/development and material disposition/manufacturing as well as other departments via a link between PDM and ERP. All BOM-relevant information as well as production drawings can be transferred in their correct version to the ERP system and are thus always up-to-date and available for the employees of other departments. It does not matter which ERP system you want to connect. We will find the right solution for you.

With our strategic ERP partners such as oxaion, BEOSYS and COBUS (APplus) we have already successfully implemented many projects, so that we can offer you powerful standard solutions, which have already proven themselves with their wide range of functions with many customers.

Interfaces to any other ERP system

Thanks to its open structure, HELiOS is ideally suited as an integral part of PLM concepts. It does not matter which ERP system you want to connect. We will find the right solution for you!

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