HELiOS PDM and EPLAN P8 - A strong connection!

With the EPIS interface provided by EPLAN P8, our product data management system HELiOS is integrated in one of the leading electrical engineering systems (ECAD). This enables you to manage not only the mechanical but also the electrotechnical and mechatronical constructions. The toolbar for PDM functionalities embedded in EPLAN allows you to design directly in your familiar environment and afterwards compare all information with the products in HELiOS PDM.

EPLAN P8 and HELiOS PDM - How it works:

Various HELiOS functionalities can be used directly in the user interface of ECAD systems with the integrated toolbar in EPLAN:

  • Login with the PDM user and its rights structure directly in EPLAN
  • Selection of HELiOS projects and folders
  • Access EPLAN projects via PDM search
  • Functions for saving and for check-in to HELiOS
  • Creation of EPLAN projects with a new article master, assigning of an existing article master or as a pure document
  • When creating, saving and checking-in, the electrotechnical product structures can be transferred to HELiOS PDM and, in case of mechatronical products, managed alongside the mechanical product structures
  • PDFs can be created directly via the EPLAN workstation and automatically linked to the circuit diagram document and the article
  • The viewer embedded in HELiOS PDM allows the links between individual parts and drawing sheets created by EPLAN to be used directly in the PDM interface
  • The article synchronization function compares the HELiOS article database bidirectionally with the component database in EPLAN
  • New articles created in ECAD are automatically transferred to HELiOS and classified as electrical engineering articles

Bundled information transfer from PDM to ERP

With the optional connection of HELiOS to your ERP system, it is possible to offset mechanical and electrical bills of materials against each other when transferring them to ERP. This makes the error-prone elimination of duplicate items in BOMs of mechatronical products unnecessary.


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