PDM integrated into ECAD
Integration for efficient use of data

HELiOS with its interfaces to EPLAN P8 and Zuken E³ enables you to integrate your electrical engineering staff into the company-wide information flow. Thanks to this connection, electrical engineering with its usually separate article database is no longer an isolated solution, and many manual tasks for maintaining the consistency of article data between electrical engineering and the rest of the company are eliminated.

Is an ECAD interface the right solution for you?
Find out:

  • Are your products not only purely mechanical but also contain many electronic components?
  • Are these ECAD data managed separately from the mechanical design data?
  • Does a merging of the mechanical and the electrical world in the materials management often only take place in a manual way?
  • Does electrical engineering often still work with isolated applications and does it not participate efficiently in the information flow in the product life cycle?
  • Is a lot of time spent to synchronize the article databases in ERP and electrical engineering software and are often no longer available or wrong articles used?
  • Is it enormously time-consuming for electrical engineering companies to manually enter their BOMs into their enterprise resource system?

HELiOS PDM offers integration into EPLAN P8 and Zuken E3. This allows mechanical CAD data from SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, AutoCAD and HiCAD, as well as data, structures and articles from the ECAD area to be managed directly in the corresponding project in PDM in a way that is transparent for everyone.

Advantages of an ECAD interface to EPLAN and Zuken
Work efficiently and functionally


  1. ECAD and MCAD articles can be transferred from PDM to ERP via separate product structures
  2. Direct integration of PDM functionalities into the interface of EPLAN P8 and Zuken E3
  3. Unification of the data and information base from electrical and mechanical design in central projects
  4. Create electrotechnical articles directly in ECAD and transfer them to PDM and ERP via our automatisms
  5. Synchronization of article information between all systems connected to the PDM
  6. Generation of neutral formats of your circuit diagrams for archiving in PDM or forwarding to the assembly department
  7. Transfer of ECAD and MCAD product structures from PDM to ERP possible

Organize your ECAD data management

In addition to mechanical design, it is becoming increasingly relevant to map the electrical engineering data of your product in a mechatronic information model. Do your customers increasingly demand comprehensive documentation from you? To integrate your electrical engineering department into the data flow, our PDM software HELiOS can be interfaced with EPLAN and Zuken E3. Both design departments can work comfortably on one project and manage the data centrally in the PDM system. This applies to parts, BOMs and documents such as circuit diagrams and neutral formats in the form of PDF files of them. The transfer of BOMs from the mechanical and electrical CAD system is possible at the push of a button. The electrical articles can be linked in HELiOS to electrical engineering information such as data sheets, circuit diagrams for your products, but also 3-D CAD models for display in your model drawing. Thus you will always find all information about your current electrical articles in your PDM system. If you connect your ERP system, it is also possible to offset mechanical and electrical BOMs against each other according to certain rules in order to automate time-consuming manual consolidation.


Interfaces to ECAD systems

With the ECAD interfaces EPLAN and Zuken E3, documents can be managed centrally and parts and BOM data exchanged.

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