HELiOS PDM and SOLIDWORKS – A strong team

As a fully integrated PDM system, HELiOS is of course also integrated in the common CAD program SOLIDWORKS for mechanical engineering. Due to the deep integration, you are able to optimize your working method with PDM functionalities directly from your familiar engineering environment and accelerate the development process.


With HELiOS you get a PDM system with a wide range of functions to support you perfectly in every engineering task. To optimize the selection of available functionalities, we use our ribbon technology in SOLIDWORKS, where the HELiOS Ribbon automatically adapts its range of functions depending on the engineering context. The following PDM configurations are available:

  • Parts
  • Assemblies
  • Active part in Assemblies
  • Drawings
  • General Ribbon (SOLIDWORKS start mode)

PDM functions for an excellent SOLIDWORKS experience

The HELiOS PDM functions in SOLIDWORKS include a wide range of features to support the CAD engineers with sophisticated automatisms in e.g. the following areas:

  • Quick retrieval of your drawings
  • Easy access with and without editing rights
  • Check-In/Save logic
  • Information on all articles and documents
  • Simple creation of entire assemblies at the push of a button, directly including all article and document masters, as well as the associated product structure in the PDM
  • Configurable mapping between user-/configuration-specific properties and HELiOS attributes (including filling of bills of materials and title blocks with HELiOS attributes via SOLIDWORKS properties)
  • Support of article-oriented work with SOLIDWORKS configurations
  • Easy creation and configurable update logics for new index levels in drawings
  • Fully automated option to create derived drawings, including the creation of new articles and replacement of derived parts in the overall drawing

HELiOS Workspace

During the design process you are supported by the HELiOS workspace embedded in SOLIDWORKS. This makes, when reserving editing rights for a longer period of time while working on a large design, a daily reloading via the network superfluous. You get an additional overview of the parts, assemblies and drawings that are reserved for you.


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