HELiOS PDM and Navisworks – a perfect combination

With the integration of our PDM system into Autodesk Navisworks, we provide optimal support to keep you up-to-date, even with large projects. Navisworks is often used for viewing and checking large CAD models. In collaborative projects, neutral formats are often used to allow all involved parties to participate in the design. The most common ones here are STEP and IGES in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction, and IFC in the world of BIM. With HELiOS you never lose track!

PDM functions for an excellent Navisworks experience

The HELiOS PDM functions in Navisworks include a wide range to support the CAD engineer with sophisticated automatisms in the following areas:

  • Management of neutral formats - you always have the current data of your project partners at hand
  • HELiOS PDM function ribbons provide optimal support in your familiar software environment
  • HELiOS managed NWD or NWF files can be loaded and used with the viewing and editing features of Navisworks
  • You can combine multiple geometries managed in PDM into one NWF or NWD file
  • When using NWF files, you can use the Navisworks functions for attaching or merging geometries to an NWF file directly from HELiOS
  • Documents embedded as references in an NWF file are always kept up to date via our PDM system
  • Thanks to the integrated PDM workspace, you will always have a clear overview of the loaded and reserved documents from HELiOS

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