PDM integrated into CAD

Integration for effective use of data

In the face of a huge flood of information and new technologies, more and more companies today are turning to data integration in engineering to make more effective use of data. Modern companies thereby significantly improve their competitiveness. Process optimization through integration, making the same data directly usable for different tasks. Advantages: Avoidance of data redundancy and ensuring data consistency (data integrity).

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Is a CAD integration the right solution for you?
Find out:

  • Do you use several CAD systems to extract the design benefits from each one?
  • Do you want to avoid committing yourself to one CAD system in the long run by using a PDM system?
  • Do the PDM systems from the manufacturer of your CAD system not have all the desired functionalities?
  • Do the PDM systems from the manufacturer of your CAD system not have all the desired functionalities?

For all these requirements, HELiOS can serve as the ideal PDM software solution. The HELiOS PDM system is integrated into the Inventor®, AutoCAD® and HiCAD systems which are commonly used in the mechanical engineering sector. This gives you flexibility in the management of CAD data from various systems.

Advantages of a CAD integration
Work faster and more efficiently

  1. Deep integration in the systems Inventor®, AutoCAD® and HiCAD
  2. Additional integration into the E-CAD system Eplan P8®
  3. Due to the deep integration in the individual CAD systems, almost all PDM functions can be used in the CAD interface
  4. Bidirectional mapping of CAD information and attributes of articles and documents in HELiOS PDM
  5. Automated generation of model structures based on CAD documents and product structures based on articles

HELiOS integrated into HiCAD and Inventor

The HELiOS PDM/PLM solution of the ISD Group offers you all these benefits, providing centralized information and data management for your entire organization. Our PDM/PLM system not only manages all your project data such as bills of materials, files of all kinds, drawings, etc., but is already firmly integrated in the CAD systems Inventor, AutoCAD and HiCAD. The design engineer can work in his familiar CAD environment and is supported by the automatic transfer of design data into the PDM environment. Many functions of our PDM/PLM solution HELiOS can be used directly in the user interfaces of Inventor, AutoCAD and HiCAD, making your design processes even faster and easier. With our unified CAD data management, the intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art functions, you will bring an enormous productivity boost to your development and significantly reduce your project lead times.

Interfaces to CAD systems

With HELiOS, efficient CAD data management is possible for common systems such as HiCAD, AutoCAD, Navisworks and Inventor: You will know exactly who, when and what has changed and immediately recognize the effects on other products.

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