The way to a new PDM system
Efficient and safe

HELiOS as a product data management system is a process-changing software, which in most cases is adapted to your company-specific conditions. Nevertheless we offer two different implementation concepts. Our sales department will be happy to discuss with you which is the right and most efficient one for you to achieve your internal company goals - technically supported by our consulting team.

Benefit-oriented introduction of a PDM solution
Which options does the ISD Group offer?

Out of the Box
Customized solutions

The ISD Group differentiates between the introduction of its PDM system in the form of a fast, standardized and only limitedly customized version for smaller companies called HELiOS "Out of the Box" and the introduction of a software solution which is customized especially for you and your particular goals within the scope of a software project.

HELiOS „Out of the Box“

HELiOS "Out of the Box" is based on our delivery standard, which has proven itself over decades of project experience as a tried and tested scope for introducing CAD data management. The introduction takes place within one week and is suitable for companies with up to five engineering workstations without connection to other systems than the CAD system. During this short period of time, only limited adjustments can be made specifically for your company, so that you will work with the standard configuration delivered by us in the first step. This type of implementation is therefore very cost-effective, especially for smaller companies.

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Customized solutions

Our recommendation to generate the optimal benefit from our software in your system and process landscape is the project-based introduction of HELiOS PDM. A PDM system changes your processes, but must also adapt to the prevailing grown processes in your company. Our experienced consultants and programmers will conduct workshops with you, design the optimal use of the software at your site, implement the appropriate configurations, train you and support you in both the test phases and productive phases, before we hand you over to our competent hotline and support department for the long term.

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