CAD for All-rounders and Specialists

The model drawings a company creates are of great importance, since they provide the basis for successfully developed products, steel constructions, machines or complex systems as early as in the development stage. A smooth implementation of such projects guarantees the success of a company.

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  • Are you an all-rounder in your industry?
  • Do you specialize in a particular field?
  • Your goal is error-free results?
  • Do you create highly detailed drawings?
  • Do you want to implement complex changes quickly?
  • Do you use the latest versions/technologies in CAD?
  • Are you a pioneer in your market area and do you enjoy breaking new ground?
  • Do you provide your customers with customized model drawings?
  • Are you mainly active in the project business?

If you have answered several or all of these questions with "yes", then you are now in the same situation as most of our customers were before they switched to HiCAD. You can find more information on these web pages on how we have been able to solve our customers' challenges. If you have specific questions about this, then simply contact us.


We offer 3-D CAD solutions for all-rounders and specialists. Even the size of your company does not matter. HiCAD adapts itself to your requirements and your company size. Small manufacturing companies, medium-sized companies with their own product development or large international enterprises will find the right combination of all required functions in one system thanks to the modular structure of HiCAD. In the fields of engineering design, structural engineering and product design HiCAD can meet the respective high demands on a CAD system. Long-time users of the CAD software HiCAD also appreciate the wide range of services offered directly by the manufacturer.

What can a 3-D CAD software do?

A 3-D CAD software generates and modifies geometric models in a computer-aided manner. All computer-aided activities in a design process ensure high-quality design and the creation of necessary technical documentation. One particular advantage of 3-D CAD is the possibility to generate an image of the objects from any direction. Required technical drawings can be automatically derived from the virtual models of three-dimensional objects. By means of industry-specific functions and automated processes, designs can be implemented in a rapid, safe and precise manner. The results are transferred directly or in digital form to machines in the production department.

3-D CAD for beginners

Do you currently draw in 2-D and want to benefit from the advantages of a combined 2-D/3-D approach in the future? HiCAD is BIM-capable and supports users with numerous automated functions and product advantages through 3-D model drawings. Take advantage of numerous interfaces simplifed by a system change.

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3-D CAD for experts

Do you currently use various CAD solutions for your professional activities? The constant switching between different programs takes time and reduces the quality of the result? With HiCAD you can use all industry-relevant, specialist functions in one system. Find out what advantages HiCAD offers you in the individual industries. You can use all these functions in one program, via one central user interface.

Expert functions for customers

Users of our software solutions have the convenient option to access the latest program versions. HiCAD and HELiOS users receive regular updates and patches so that their software will always be ready for the future. In addition to the optimisation of existing functions, new, practical extensions are also regularly available. Through our own development teams as well as the wishes and suggestions of our customers, our future-oriented engineering process is constantly improving.

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Save time thanks to a high degree of automation

A work step can take 30 minutes or be completed with a few clicks.

Simple as well as highly complex structural design and facade construction projects can be realized transparently and easily in HiCAD 3-D BIM using state-of-the-art construction techniques. The solution for steel engineering as well as for glass, industrial, element and rear-ventilated facades are available for innovative engineering. Industry-specific functions and a high degree of automation additionally optimise product development in terms of speed and quality.

How to design with HiCAD in HiSPEED.

3-D CAD for students

Pupils and students are the engineers and designers of tomorrow. For many years, the ISD Group has been increasingly committed to the education of pupils and students in various schools and universities. The free HiCAD Education Edition license provides a fully functional 3-D CAD software for all industries. Simply fill out the digital form, upload your student card or certificate of enrollment and send it to us.

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3-D CAD for schools and universities

Are you a teacher or lecturer at a school or university and want to familiarize yourself with HiCAD for your lessons? Contact us and let us impress you by HiCAD, the all-rounder in engineering!

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