PDM | Product Data Management

Use one central solution for a comprehensive gathering, management and distribution of all types of data throughout your company.
Monitor and control the flow of data in your company to reduce project lead times and optimize your processes. Always stay up to date!

All of this can be achieved by a Product Data Management (PDM) system in your company!

Video: PDM with HELiOS - because your time matters!

PDM with HELiOS: The benefits

Shortens lead times of complex projects

Existing parts can be reused for new model drawings

Efficient working even with different CAD systems

Clear structuring and easy traceability of complex processes



Customizable standard solutions

Central management and safeguarding of data

Optimizes the cooperation between different departments in different locations working with different file formats

Can be interfaced with various other systems such as ERP or CRM

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Björn Quelle, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH

“The reduction of working hours from 120 to 18 clearly shows the extent to which our work processes could be speeded up and demonstrates the efficiency of a PDM system like HELiOS, which automatically generates and controls all work processes for us.”

Vladimir Rekowski, Schirmer Maschinen GmbH

“HELiOS was the most efficient and versatile among the PDM systems that we tested during our search for a redundancy-free document management.“

Heinz Kaufmann, MAP E. Prinzing & Söhne GmbH 

“The situation after introducing HELiOS has been very good. For example, the production planning and purchasing get the drawings from HELiOS and use them for their own operations without being reliant on the design employees.“