News about the ISD Group and its products
News about the
ISD Group and
its products

HiCAD 2019 - Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 for HiCAD 2019 presents itself with a multitude of new and enhanced functions throughout all industries. In addition, there significant performance increases could be achieved in various areas. One highlight in SP1 is the new Z-fold function in Sheet Metal. This function allows you to attach two flanges in one step, taking the specified parameters into account. Also new is the Editor for Railing Variants that allows you to save railing components such as posts, handrails, planar infills, transition infills, or Post-Railing connections as customer-specific variants. These variants will then be made available in the Railing Configurator, enabling you to create individual railing designs.

Other highlights include the redesigned 2D-Part Structure window in the ICN, the further enhanced Cross-bracings, the added standard parts, e.g. Fasteners acc. to ASTM standard, BRUCHA profiles, parts for pipeline planning in the food industry acc. to DIN 11851 etc. Also worthy of mention are the numerous new options and enhancements in the fields of Element/Profile Installation and Pipeline Planning.

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