News archive

News archive

Welcome to the News archive of the ISD Group. Here you can find the highlights of the older versions of our software products HiCAD und HELiOS, and get a comprehensive insight into the activities of the ISD Group. And if you do not want to miss any news about us in the future, just subscribe to our Newsletter. You will then receive all important news about the ISD Group by E-mail on a regular basis.

HiCAD 2018 SP1 - now available

HiCAD 2018 - Service Pack 1

HELiOS 2018 - now available!

The new version of our PDM/PLM system

HiCAD 2018 - now available!

Delivering Experience – The new Major Release is out now!

HiCAD 2017 - Service Pack 2

with many new features and functional enhancements for all fields of industry

HiCAD 2017 - Service Pack 1

Further expanded product range and many new features and functional enhancements

HELiOS 2017 – Service Pack 1 has been released!

Further enhancement of Multi-CAD interfaces and much more!

HiCAD now allows data transfer to Lantek Expert

New HiCAD version provides the blank parameters that are required for the creation of an interface to Lantek Expert

HELiOS 2017 – Now even easier to use

Numerous user-oriented new features and functional enhancements

HiCAD 2017 - Delivering Experience

With countless new features and enhancements for all industries