ISD launches new HELiOS-EPLAN interface

The new EPLAN interface to the PDM system HELiOS allows a central management of EPLAN documents in HELiOS and a convenient exchange of article and BOM data. The fast and individual provision of the data takes place via bidirectional data exchange, without leaving the working environment of EPLAN. In conjunction with the already existing CAD interfaces (HiCAD, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor) of HELiOS, design data from the fields of CAD and electrical engineering can now be managed in a convenient and transparent way. Data and documents from various Microsoft Office® applications, too, can be managed via the interfaces.

Features and functions of the HELiOS-EPLAN documents interface

The integration covers the essential requirements of a documents interface and is based on .zw1 files. These can be checked in and out with HELiOS. When you check in a project from EPLAN, the project document (.zw1 file) as well as other files that may have been selected by the user (e.g. PDF files) will be passed to HELiOS. For all new documents, a document master will be created in HELiOS. The EPLAN project and the other documents will be linked to an article master.

When you check out a project from HELiOS, the project document (.zw1 file) will be saved to, unzipped on, and loaded on the local EPLAN workstation. The user can then choose between the following two options: He/she can either open the project in read-only mode (read-permission required!) or lock the project against editing by other users. The latter option is only possible if the EPLAN user has the required permissions in the HELiOS environment.

HELiOS allows a central data management of the EPLAN projects (“Single Source of Truth”). Access and change permissions are controlled via a comprehensive permission management. In addition, HELiOS manages and controls the workflow, release and change processes for EPLAN project files, providing you with maximum transparency and traceability.

Central article management

All article data from the EPLAN article database can be synchronized, with the creation of new articles and the changing of existing articles being possible on both sides. Synchronization takes place via services in the background or on demand and can be freely configured. Articles that are already available in HELiOS can be considered for the synchronization: No new articles will then be created - instead, only the master data will be synchronized. The logging of the original system during article synchronization effectively supports searching and filtering for data.

Available from autumn 2016: HELiOS-EPLAN BOM interface

With the release of Service Pack 2 in autumn 2016, the HELiOS-EPLAN interface will also support the synchronization of BOMs. With the electrical engineering-related drawing being structurally different from the purely mechanical drawing and being governed by fixed rules with regard to its structure, HELiOS will provide a central platform that supplies the user with information on both the electrical engineering and the mechanical approach to the product structure. In addition, the BOM interface also allows a passing of data to an ERP system. In this way, you can also conveniently exchange commercial data, engineering- and production-relevant data.

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