HELiOS 2020

HELIOS 2020 is the latest version of our PDM system. One highlight of the new version is the new Mask Editor, which presents itself with a modern Ribbon design that also supports operation with high resolution.

One focus of the further development of HELIOS 2020 was also the further enhancement of the Multi-CAD integrations, especially the interfaces to SOLIDWORKS and Inventor. For example, the SOLIDWORKS interface has had a fundamental redesign. It now offers - like the Inventor interface - the New in HELiOS function, an effective tool for easy data transfer. Another example is the support of iParts and iAssemblies in the Inventor interface. iParts and iAssemblies can now be used to map component and assembly configurations in Inventor. HELIOS 2020 supports configurations for the first time. Article assignments in the context of the New in HELIOS function are currently always configuration-specific, and further steps are planned for the next two Service Packs.

Please note:
When updating to HELIOS 2020, you should note that some central things have changed in terms of content, e.g. the change of the mask format and handling; for SOILDWORKS and Inventor users, the migration of the standard part identifier and the configuration and structure identifiers. It is therefore essential to read the installation instructions before updating. In addition, users of the SOLIDWORKS and Inventor interface should contact the ISD Group prior to carrying out an update to discuss the update procedure.


HELiOS General / Desktop / Spooler
  • Start search with F3
    To avoid having to switch between keyboard (entering the search criteria) and mouse (initiating the search) when searching for a specific object in the HELiOS Database (Document, Article, Project, Folder, ...), you can also use the F3 key to perform the search.
  • ReleaseNext: Distinguishing between all objects and Admin objects
    In the Admin tool ReleaseNext for unlocking HELiOS objects that are being edited by other instances, you can now distinguish between two options:
    • Show all locked objects
    • Show only my locked objects
  • Open, with options: Reduced loading
    In the context menu and in the detail window ribbon of a HELiOS document, you will find the new function Open, with options, in addition to the familiar functions Open + Edit and Open, read-only. If the document is an HiCAD drawing file (SZA format), an extended dialogue with additional options for reduced loading appears. This means that you can optionally select how to proceed when loading with reduced Points.
  • Possibility for central distribution of Settings
    The import/export of settings has been further enhanced by masks and attribute assignments (Multi-CAD). When HELIOS is installed, these settings can either be imported as a ZIP package as before or made available centrally (in a network folder). HELIOS then checks for newer settings when starting the application and updates the local settings accordingly.
  • Multi-sheet PDF output for Inventor, AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS
    When exporting multi-sheet drawings in PDF format, the HELiOS Spooler can be configured to combine the PDF files resulting from the individual drawing sheets into a single PDF file.

HELiOS Mask editor

The HELiOS mask editor has been completely revised:

  • modern ribbon design
  • operation at high resolutions
  • foundation for further expansion of the masks and the editor in 2020
  • change of the mask format to XML
  • management fo the mask files outside the installation directory
  • HELiOS 2020 with enhanced SOLIDWORKS interface
    With HELiOS 2020 you will find a fundamental revision of the SOLIDWORKS coupling in functional and performance terms, as well as a complete revision of the HELiOS mask technology, which has been adapted to the latest state of the art.
    • There is a new options dialogue with options for controlling the update of index levels when loading assemblies/parts and you can use the enhanced attribute mapping.
    • The current New in HELiOS function for transferring the CAD model structure to the HELiOS database replaces the former HELiOS Info Center.
    • Standard parts are handled configuration-specific: A distinction is made between default articles and configuration-specific articles.
    • You can change the user during operation.
    • HELiOS 2020 supports the most recent SOLIDWORKS Version 2020.
  • Support of part and assembly configurations (iParts / iAssemblies) in the Inventor interface
    In the past, if iParts or iAssemblies were optionally not copied with the original file name, problems could occur.
    For this reason, iParts or iAssemblies from HELiOS 2020 onwards are always transferred into the system with the original file name.
  • Standard Part IDs and document master
    The identifiers for standard parts and semi-finished products, which HELiOS needs for the recognition of corresponding parts in the Inventor or SOLIDWORKS interface, are stored in the document master as of HELiOS 2020.
    In the context of the update to the 2020 version, the existing identifiers must be migrated. The current data management at the document master offers many advantages, because this method of working also allows the management of standard parts without a linked article master, allows the linking of several standard parts with an article master (e.g. for handling older data and for semi-finished product documents) iand also allows for semi-finished products the recognition of parts by the length of a semi-finished product.
  • Taking over of file names
    In the Inventor, AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS interfaces you can use the option Take over original file name even if documents with the same name have already been saved in HELiOS. This now allows you to work with descriptive file names consistently.
    • Unchangeability of the file name is a technical prerequisite for parts, for example, when transferring more complex structures (such as iParts/iAssemblies).
    • File name display and export functions of CAD applications can therefore also provide more meaningful results.
  • Discontinuation of the Versions 2014 and 2015
    HELiOS 2020 does no longer support the Versions 2014 and 2015 of the following interfaces:
    • AutoCAD
    • Inventor
    • Navisworks
  • Multi-sheet PDF output for Inventor, AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS
    When exporting multi-sheet drawings in PDF format, the HELiOS Spooler can be configured to combine the PDF files resulting from the individual drawing sheets into a single PDF file.

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