HELiOS 2019 - Service Pack 2

HELiOS 2019 Service Pack 2 comes with a multitude of user-oriented new and enhanced features for an easy and efficient product data management. The developmental focus was on our multi-CAD interfaces that will certainly impress you with their numerous functional enhancements. This includes, for instance, the fundamentally redesigned and optimized HELiOS Workspace. Further highlights are the adjustment of the HELiOS function for AutoCAD to match the standards of the other CAD interfaces, the further improved attribute mapping, or the enhanced batch import in HELiOS for Autodesk Inventor. What’s also new in all CAD interfaces and the Office interface is that the document structure is shown on the Model structure Ribbon of the document master data if no model structure exists for a document.
And in addition to the HELiOS integration in EPLAN, a comparable integration is now also available for the electro-technical system E3 of the company Zuken. Furthermore a new standard ERP interface between HELiOS and the ERP System Taxmetall is available, thus adding a new member, the company Vectotax, to the partner portfolio of the ISD.

Please note:
The HELiOS-SOLIDWORKS interface now features the new HELiOS masks and the new Workspace. As part of this change, the interface now also offers some new functions, which are already known to the user from the HELiOS-Inventor interface. The new interface will be released for the first time with Version 2020. 


HELiOS General and Desktop
  • Installed Hotfixes
    The About HELiOS Desktop window now also shows, besides the current Version and Build number, the numbers of installed Hotfixes.
  • Support request
    The New support request function takes you directly to the support portal of the ISD Group, where you can create a support ticket. After calling the function, use your login data for my-ISD to access the support portal of the ISD. Fill in the form, attach files if required and click on  Create request.The new ISD support portal will be available for customers in Germany from 1 October 2019. For customers in other countries, the launch is scheduled for January 2020.
  • Settings for file import via Drag & Drop
    On the Import/Export tab of the HELiOS Options dialogue window you can find, beneath Attribute assignments, setting options for the Transfer to HELiOS, which will apply for file import via Drag & Drop.
  • Automatic removing of old sessions
    In case of a HELiOS Desktop crash or the crash of a linked application such as HiCAD, it is now ensured that “old” sessions are automatically removed, and thus unlocked, on the relevant computer system when HELiOS is restarted. This means that you do not have to manually unlock any sessions any more.
HELiOS Spooler
  • Spooler - Model area of AutoCAD drawings
    When printing AutoCAD drawings (older versions) the model area of the drawing can be printed automatically if the layout area is empty. You can configure this behaviour via the configuration file AddIn.AutoCad.Config.xml (this file will be automatically updated to the new configuration format by the Spooler).
  • Configurable CAD application restart
    In previous versions, the appropriate CAD applications were restarted for each print or conversion job. This behaviour can now be configured, resulting in shorter processing times and a faster printing of the desired printout or file.
Multi CAD


  • Documents in the Workspace
    The new HELiOS Workspace window with improved performance is now available in the HELiOS Desktop, the CAD and MS Office interfaces.


  • New icons for HiCAD file formats
    From SP2 onwards, new icons for the different HiCAD file formats e.g. SZA, FGA, KRA, VAA, PAA are available. These icons will be shown in the HELiOS result lists.

HELiOS and AutoCAD

  • Enhanced functions/options
    Service Pack 2 of HELiOS 2019 offers a number of new functions for the HELiOS-AutoCAD interface. Functions known from other CAD interfaces have been added to the Ribbon, e.g. the New in HELiOS function that allows a convenient transfer of CAD model structures to the HELiOS database, and functions for the updating of loaded documents to newer Server states.  Furthermore, the HELiOS Options dialogue now contains new setting options for the loading and saving behaviour of documents.
  • Optimized HELiOS Workspace
    The HELiOS Workspace dialogue window that is available to you in HELiOS-CAD interfaces has been revised and optimized.
  • Model structure: Display of product structure
    If only a document structure instead of a model structure exists for a document, this document structure will be displayed in the Model structure tab of the HELiOS-AutoCAD interface.
  • HELiOS Options
    HELiOS 2019 Service Pack 2 comes with new setting options for the Workspace and for the document in the HELiOS Options dialogue window of the HELiOS-AutoCAD Interface.
  • Update part references  in AutoCAD Mechanical at the push of a button
    Besides the updating of part references upon loading of drawings in AutoCAD Mechanical you have now the additional option to update them any time at the push of a button.
  • Product structure transfer from AutoCAD Mechanical
    The part references in AutoCAD Mechanical drawings can now be transferred as items to the HELiOS product structure at the push of a button.  

HELiOS and Inventor

  • Performance optimization and utilized Levels of details
    In previous versions, some processes, e.g. the transfer of model drawings via the functions New in HELIOS or Derive model structure could take a long time for larger amounts of data. The performance for such tasks could be increased significantly with HELIOS 2019 SP2. Furthermore, after using the functions New in HELiOS, Update server state (or the automatic updating upon opening), Derive model structure, Create index and Batch reimport the level of detail will be called again that existed before calling the functions (and the resulting changes).
  • Enhanced batch import
    The Batch import function for models and drawings (as well as the Batch reimport function) now offer the option to import files via a text file list of file paths. Use the Automatic clearing of Workspace checkbox to determine whether the affected files are to be removed immediately from the Workspace after carrying out the batch import. Activating this options makes sense if, for instance, a repeated loading of identical parts occurring multiple times in a drawing may affect the performance. Documents which are already located in the Workspace when the import is carried out are not affected by the clearing. Furthermore, parts that have been changed and set to "edited" mode in the course of the procedure will also be "checked in", if the import for the drawing has been completed (if the Automatic check-in checkbox has been activated).
  • Attribute mapping: Enhancement for file property with case 
    Attribute mappings of the type File properties with case differentiations can now be combined with Conditions. In this way you can, for instance, distinguish the Part type of semi-finished products from that of parts or model drawings which are no semi-finished products.
  • Attribute mapping: Further enhancements and marking of errors
    Recently edited attribute assignments, added new attribute assignments and deleted attribute assignments are marked in the overview with corresponding symbols. The changes will only take effect and the markings will only be removed after confirming with Apply or OK in the dialogue window. If errors occur during attribute synchronization, e.g. because an attribute has been deleted or renamed by mistake and can therefore not be found, this will be indicated in the corresponding field of the result list by a Symbol.
  • Recogniton of semi-finished product master data by length
    If a semi-finished product is inserted from the Inventor Content Centre As Standard and transferred to HELiOS, HELiOS will recognize the article master when inserting a second semi-finished product of the same type and will create a corresponding, new document. This automatism has been enhanced by the fact that the HELiOS document master of a semi-finished product can also be recognized by a concrete semi-finished product length in order to prevent a renewed creation of a semi-finished product document with exactly the same length.
  • New in HELiOS: Drawings
    When saving drawings with the New in HELiOS function, referenced third party documents, too, will be considered, which can be linked to the drawing document and transferred to the database.
Office and CAE


  • Model structure: Display of document structure
    If only a document structure instead of a model structure is available for a document, the HELiOS-MS Office /Excel) interface displays the document structure, according to the document master data, on the Model structure tab.

  • Documents in the Workspace
    The HELiOS Workspace window is now available in both the HELiOS Desktop and in the CAD or MS Office interfaces.Irrespective of all filter options you can apply, the following rules apply for the display behaviour: All documents that have been opened/loaded in the active application will be displayed, as well as all non-loaded documents that have been saved to the application with which the documents were originally created. This means: As soon as a document is opened in an interfaced application, the corresponding Workspace will memorize this until the document will be removed from the Workspace again. The corresponding document will therefore be constantly displayed in the Workspace, also after closing and restarting the application.
    When opening a particular document in two different applications (e.g. a DWG file in AutoCAD and Inventor), the HELiOS Workspace memorizes both applications and displays the file in the Workspaces of both applications.
    Also, the following rule applies: For an Inventor assembly that references an Excel document, both the Inventor documents and the Excel file will be displayed in the Workspace after opening the assembly in Inventor. If the Excel file has previously been saved in the Office application (setting the document attribute "Related application" (HEL_APPLICATION) accordingly), this file will be additionally visible in the Workspace of Excel, even if it has not been explicitly loaded in this application by the user. An exception to this rule is the Workspace of the HELiOS Desktop that always displays all documents.

Zuken E3

  • In addition to the HELiOS integration in EPLAN, a comparable integration is now also available for the electro-technical system E3 of the company Zuken. Besides the linking of documents/projects and articles, this interface enables you to transfer electro-technical BOMs to HELiOS, and also to pass them on to ERP systems. The attribute mapping between E3 and HELiOS is initially only unidirectional (from E3 to HELiOS), and can be interactively configured as usual.

  • New HELiOS-ERP interface available
    From HELiOS 2019 SP2 onwards, a new standard ERP interface between HELiOS and the ERP System Taxmetall is available, thus adding a new member, the company Vectotax, to the partner portfolio of the ISD. What distinguishes the HELiOS-Taxmetall interface from other standard ERP interfaces is the option to write not only into the basic data in the ERP system, but also to transfer product structures from HELiOS to order BOMs in Taxmetall.

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