HELiOS 2018 - now available!

The new version of our PDM/PLM system has been released – with a new module structure and many functional enhancements, most notably of the Office and Multi-CAD interfaces. For example, all file-based Office interfaces (for Excel, Word, PowerPoint) now share one common workspace, which provides you with a clear overview of the checked out files and allows a direct checking in or cancelling of edits.

In the field of multi-CAD, the deriving of complete assemblies has been optimized, the creating of complete projects and folders has been significantly facilitated and the linking of articles can now be carried out directly from the multi-CAD integration.

The Highlights:

HELiOS - General / Desktop
  • New module structure 
    From HELiOS 2018 onwards, the CAD and CAE interfaces will only be available as separate extension modules.
    Basic modules:
    HELiOS Viewer, HELiOS Office and HELiOS Engineer
    New Extension modules:
    HiCAD Integration, Inventor Integration, SOLIDWORKS Integration, AutoCAD Integration and EPLAN Integration
    The Extension modules can be combined with HELiOS Office or HELiOS Engineer; in combination with HELiOS Office, only a purely document-based working will be possible. Without the integration modules, each HELiOS basic module offers at least the viewing functionalities for the corresponding CAD-/CAE application.
  • Easy installation thanks to multi language DVD
    The installation DVD now guides you through the installation process different languages.
  • Model structure display
    In the Document detail masks you can now find the Model structure tab. The information on this tab provides an overview of the sub-documents to the entire model structure of the document managed in HELiOS. This serves also as a basis for future documents where-used lists and the saving of further information, e.g. different article assignments to a document.
  • Editing of combined items
    The attributes of combined items on the Utilized items tab can now be edited in one step if the sub-types of the item attributes are identical. If this is not the case, the concerned attribute sub-type cannot be edited on the basis of the combined items. For the corresponding combined item the entry "Different values" will be shown in the Comment column. In such cases the items must be edited individually.
HELiOS Office Interface
  • New HELiOS Workspace
    All file-based MS Office interfaces (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) now share a common HELiOS Workspace, as is already known from the HELiOS -MultiCAD interfaces. The Workspace provides a clear overview of the locally checked-out files at any time, as well as a direct check-in or cancelling of the corresponding file edits. Furthermore, you have access to all HELiOS functions for the listed documents in the Workspace via a context menu (right-click document). Depending on your preferred working method, you can decide whether you want HELiOS to generate unique file names, or if you want to assign file names manually.
  • Open documents for editing or in read-only mode
    In the HELiOS Ribbon tab of your Office application you can choose between two opening modes for documents: If you select Open+Edit, the Office document will be loaded from the HELiOS database, set to "In progress" and can then be edited; if you select Open, read-only, the loaded Office document can be viewed, but not changed.
Multi CAD Integration
    • Inventor - enhanced dialogue for the taking over of complete CAD-assemblies
      The New in HELiOS function for the taking over of complete CAD assemblies has been enhanced. The direct assigning of values to all attributes is now possible via an integrated mask display. Furthermore, you have extensive configuration options, e.g. for number assignment, folder and project data initialisation and for attribute mapping. The new dialogue replaces the "HELiOS Info Centre" of older versions.
    • Inventor / SOLIDWORKS - New options for derivations via CAD structure
      The Derive model structure dialogue window has a number of new options. This includes, for instance, the options for number assignment at the bottom of the window: When directly selecting articles and documents with a mouse click, the next free (i.e. still unused) number will be assigned to the selected element during consecutive numbering. In this way it is ensured that, in case of an intentional, manually defined selection order, the intended designation will actually be kept to.
    • Inventor / SOLIDWORKS - Project and Folder input functions on HELiOS Ribbon tab
      The functions New (Project)  and New (Folder)  in the Project context and Folder context function groups of the HELiOS menu enable you to directly enter new Projects and Folders into the HELiOS database.
    • Inventor / SOLIDWORKS – Linking of articles directly from the multi-CAD integration
      An existing document can now be directly linked to new or existing articles from the multi-CAD integration with a simple mouse click.
    • Inventor / SOLIDWORKS - Simultanous Check in / Cancel
      With the functions Check-in (All) and Cancel (All) on the HELiOS - Assembly tab (and the HELiOS - Active part tab), all changes to an assembly including its sub-parts can now be applied (Check-in) or discarded (Cancel) with one mouse click.
    • SOLIDWORKS - Further enhancements of the user interface
      The HELiOS dialogue windows and context menus in the SOLIDWORKS user interface have been further adjusted to the standards that your are used to from the HELiOS Desktop.

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