HELiOS 2017 – Now even easier to use

The user-oriented new features and functional enhancements in HELiOS 2017 will make PLM management even easier and more efficient. Besides a further improvement of the user-friendliness, the developmental focus was on further automation helping the user save precious design time.

In the field of MultiCAD the performance of the Add-ins has been increased significantly. This concerns the loading and saving of large assemblies or the transfer of numerous changes to HELiOS. The higher performance results in noticeable time savings for users.

The HELiOS-EPLAN interface, too, has been further enhanced. Besides a support of the new versions, previews of EPLAN projects in HELiOS are now possible. When saving EPLAN projects via the HELiOS add-in, a PDF document will be generated and linked automatically. In this way, the contents of an EPLAN-project can also be displayed in HELiOS, without having EPLAN installed on your system.

The Highlights:

HELiOS Desktop
  • Printing documents
    Instead of choosing from numerous single dialogues, the user can now print from a central and greatly configurable dialogue. In an extreme case it would thus be possible to specifically define which sheets are to be printed and which context (article, project, folder) is important for the input in the title block. This function supports the multiple selection of documents. A great number of individual processes for printing can thereby be accomplished in one step. 
  • Project and folder selection
    The user can now choose between different depictions for the selection of projects or folders in all dialogues for project and folder selection, depending on the use case. The supported representations are either a structure tree or a flat list, as well as the universal project or folder search.
  • Marking new index levels in the product structure
    When transferring the product structure to HELiOS or when displaying the structure versions dialogue, new index levels are graphically marked in order for the user to recognise them more quickly
  • Export and Import of settings
    Individual settings of the HELiOS UI can be conveniently distributed among other users and workstations.
  • Display of notes documents in result lists
    If you work with notes documents, the status of an existing notes document will be indicated in the document result list by means of an icon.
HELiOS Spooler
  • Server settings
    The Server settings of the HELiOS Spooler Admin Tools have new options that allow you to define how to proceed with the deletion of done print jobs from the system.

  • Other export formats
    The following formats can now be exported via the Spooler: 3dvs, VRML, U3D und STL.
Multi-CAD Integration


  • Manual registration of MultiCAD-Add-ins
    If you are using HiCAD in conjunction with HELiOS on your system, it is (in contrast to the standalone version of the HELiOS Desktop) not possible to set up interfaces berween HELiOS and other CAD and CAE software via an update/modification installation. For this purpose the HELiOSCouplings.exe tool is available. This tool enables you to create interfaces to AutoCAD, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS or EPLAN.

  • Performance of HELiOS-AddIns notably improved
    Regardless of whether you look at the loading and saving of big assemblies or wanting to transfer a larger number of changes to HELiOS – the performance of the HELiOS AddIn has been fundamentally improved. Thereby accelerations of at least factor 5 have been achieved, which helps to save valuable time for drawing.

  • Deriving via model structure with multiple linked drawings
    The "Create derivation" function of HELiOS can now also be executed in interfaced CAD systems via the model structure if more than one drawing is linked to the relevant article.


  • Possibility of loading old index levels
    Whilst loading HiCAD scenes via the search in HELiOS the user may also specifically load older index levels.
  • Performance optimization of ICN, title block and catalogue synchronization
    The ICN structure, incl. prompts and read permissions, as well as the automatic input in a drawing’s title block have been notably accelerated.  Moreover, the synchronization of catalogue tables to HELiOS is distinctly more performant.
  • Enhanced derivation via CAD structure
    When deriving via the CAD structure you can now also derive single parts and assemblies which are linked to more than one drawing.

AutoCAD / SOLIDWORKS / Autodesk Inventor

  • New menu navigation for the HELiOS-AutoCAD AddIn
    The menu navigation for the AutoCAD AddIN has been changed to ribbons analogous to the menu navigation in Inventor and Solidworks, and thus the newer HELiOS dialogues are now available in AutoCAD. This facilitates and expands the handling of HELiOS functions across applications.
  • Support of SOLIDWORKS 2017
  • Improved Inventor integration comfort
    By targeted support of the double-click for editing single parts or assemblies, the operability has been greatly optimised. Furthermore, drawings that include several base views of different parts can now be edited.
EPLAN Integration
  • Support of the newest EPLAN versions
    We now also support versions 2.5 and 2.6 in addition to version 2.4.
  • Preview of EPLAN projects in the HELiOS Desktop
    When saving EPLAN projects via the HELiOS AddIn a PDF document will be created and linked automatically from now on. It is thus possible to display the content of an EPLAN project in the HELiOS Desktop and it is not necessary for the user to have installed EPLAN.
Microsoft Office Coupling
  • Support of external reference in Office coupling
    Within Office documents references to other Office documents might be embedded. An example for that would be the reference to tables in an Excel document which are embedded in another Excel document. The Office coupling now detects these references automatically and manages them in HELiOS.
  • Edit Documents
    If a read-only document has been opened in an Office application, you can click Edit to set it to an "In progress" state. In this state the document will be locked against editing by other users.

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