News about the ISD Group and its products
News about the
ISD Group and
its products

HELiOS 2019 - Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 for HELiOS 2019 is out now. The focus of development was on a further enhancement of multi-CAD capability, the compatibility with current versions of linked applications and a further advancement of the Spooler.

Also new is the representation of masks in the Material Design. This design, which was developed by Google and was initially used in Apps and web developments, has recently been enjoying increasing usage in other applications, too. Therefore, some HELiOS dialogues have been changed to match this new design (login dialogue, masks, info boxes, tabs and scrollbars). The new design also offers integrated controls, e.g. for project, folder or date selection.

Please note: The HELiOS-SOLIDWORKS interface now features the new HELiOS masks and the new Workspace. As part of this change, the interface now also offers some new functions, which are already known to the user from the HELiOS-Inventor interface. The new interface will be released for the first time with Version 2401.1. The possibility to initialize configuration with default articles will be provided as of SP 2.

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HiCAD 2018 - now available!

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HiCAD 2017 - Service Pack 2

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