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Major Release HiCAD 2024

| Software Updates

Eine neue Version mit mehr Performance denn je!

Mit HiCAD 2024 steht jetzt die neueste Programmversion unserer CAD-Software zur Verfügung. Wir haben alles daran gesetzt, viele Funktionen für eine einfachere und schnellere Handhabung zu optimieren. Die Highlights der Version haben wir hier in Videos für Sie zusammengefasst.


  • ICN-Optimierungen
  • Verbesserung der Nockenverbindung
  • Neue Möglichkeiten im Bereich Attribute
  • Viele neue Features in der Zeichnungsdetailierung
  • Verbesserung der Abwicklung im Bereich Kantblech
  • Neue und optimierte Stahlbauanschlüsse
  • Leichterer Datenaustausch
  • u.v.m.

Für mehr Informationen und einen Überblick aller Neuerungen werfen Sie bitte einen Blick in unsere Online Hilfe.


HiCAD 2024: Expansion of the steel engineering connection libraries
As of HiCAD 2024, a new "gusset plate" connection is available to users. With this variant, any beam can be connected with 1 to 3 other beams by a gusset plate connection, as it often occurs in hall construction, for example. There are also expansions of the existing cross bracings with and without turnbuckle in this version.

HiCAD 2024: New features in the Catalogue Editor and Report Manager
From HiCAD 2024, users can create new (user-defined) columns in all tables in the Catalogue Editor and assign alias names for the columns. User-specific semi-finished products for plates can now be entered in a new table below the user defined semi-finished products. For the moulding tools, a new column has been added for the tool number for processings from the bottom. The Report Manager has also been further improved in terms of configurability and usability.

HiCAD 2024: New features in operation and interface
The operation and interface of HiCAD 2024 has been further improved in several areas. For example, the new Clipping Manager can now be used to save various clippings for the point clouds. If configured, the article master now opens directly when double-clicking on the part. The DXF export dialogue has been extended once again and now contains all common configuration options. Further new features are also shown in the video.

HiCAD 2024: New options in modelling
The lettering of parts has been revised so that multi-line texts with attributes can now be used and saved for lettering. The cam joint has been further improved and attributes that were calculated at the time of itemisation, for example, can now also

HiCAD 2024: New features for the detailing of drawings
The revised dialogue of the „Sectional view“ function in HiCAD 2024 now offers several modes for creating sectional views quickly. The manual arranging of views in the drawing is made much easier by a magnetism for view alignment. Multiple selection of views in the drawing is now also possible in the view functions. In addition, form and positional tolerances have been further extended and view shortening can now also be temporarily deactivated.

HiCAD 2024: Redesign of the component connection dialogue
As of HiCAD 2024, a completely redesigned dialogue for defining component connections is available. This offers the option of defining component connections with all connection types as well as all necessary parameters for flange boltings.

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