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Out now: HELiOS 2023

With HELiOS 2023, the latest version of our PDM system is now available. In this version, too, one of the development focuses was on the further expansion of MultiCAD interface. The Open, with options function, for example, can be called up directly in the HELiOS Ribbon of Inventor and SOLIDWORKS and also offers file type-specific options when opening a document. For example, the express mode can be selected for Inventor assemblies called up from HELiOS, or the mode can be opened for checking when opening SOLIDWORKS assemblies of large designs. When saving HiCAD designs in HELiOS, the complete sheet structure is now also transferred to HELiOS and displayed in the model structure, so that the individual sheets can now also be printed. When using the EPLAN integration module, part synchronisation, attribute mapping and product structure matching have been significantly improved. HELiOS 2023 also supports the latest versions of the following programs: AutoCAD (Mechanical) 2023, Inventor 2023, Navisworks 2023 and EPLAN 2022.

In addition to the enhancements of the MultiCAD interfaces, further developments have been implemented. For example, the import/export and printing of documents offer extended setting/attribute assignment options for the generation of file names. And with the help of the Server Monitor, the runnability of HELiOS server applications such as the Vault Server or the Spooler can be monitored, so that settings can be adjusted if problems occur.

The highlights at a glance

HELiOS Desktop / Spooler

HELiOS Desktop

Units in the context menu
When right-clicking in a result list column of (Float) attributes with unit category, the corresponding unit with name and abbreviation is displayed in the context menu.

Copy & paste attribute values with unit category
Copying and pasting attributes with unit category using the context menu functions Copy attribute value and Paste attribute value has been further improved.

HELiOS Options: Default configuration for product structure output
With HELiOS 2023 or HiCAD 2023, a new version of the ISD Report Manager is introduced. The old version of the Report Manager will initially remain installed in the system, too. Which Report Manager version is used for the product structure output can be controlled in the database options.

Mark-up and Redlining
With the HiRedLine tool, you can add correction notes or suggested changes to a HiCAD drawing without changing the underlying original file. As of HiCAD/HELiOS 2023, this tool is only available as part of a HiCAD/HELiOS installation. It can no longer be called up in a standalone installation of the HELiOS Desktop.

Export and Import enhancements
Both the export of HELiOS documents and the import of files have been revised in HELiOS 2023.

  • Extended setting and attribute assignment options for the generation of file names during export.
  • Easy selection/deselection of linked objects and their context in the extended export dialogue.
  • Easy re-import of already exported HELiOS documents. Editing the system file hel_fileimport.ini, which may have been necessary in the past, is no longer necessary.

Print documents - file name configuration
As with the new attribute mappings for file name generation when exporting files, you can also configure the output file name with the help of an attribute mapping when printing neutral formats in files (e.g. when outputting PDFs via the HELiOS Spooler). The content of the previously used system file hel_fileprint .ini is thereby taken over into the attribute mappings during the first call. Afterwards, the ini file is no longer needed.


HELiOS Spooler

Discontinuation of support for RM3/ RMA files
Printing and converting RM3/ RMA files is no longer supported by the HELiOS Spooler as of HELiOS 2023.

HELiOS Task Starter
The new HELiOS Task Starter tool can be used to automatically restart the HELiOS Spooler after termination or a crash.

Server Monitor
This tool allows you to monitor the runnability of HELiOS server applications such as the Vault Server or the HELiOS Spooler. This allows you to adjust any necessary settings in case of problems.

New Tools

Tool for monitoring server applications
The new HELiOS Server Monitor is a tool (initially for Vault Server and Spooler) with which you can continuously monitor the server applications and be informed if errors occur:

  • Small separate installation for targeted distribution.
  • Tray icon with status display and separate message in case of errors.
  • In addition to the basic availability of the server application, errors at runtime are also displayed. In the case of the Spooler, these are, for example, failed jobs in the queue.

Tool for automatic restart of applications
The new tool is used to monitor and restart applications (e.g. the HELiOS Spooler) when they have been terminated, e.g. due to an error (e.g. a temporarily unavailable database connection). The installation of the tool consists of two components:

  • HELiOS service (ISD HELiOS Task Starter) for calling Windows tasks. The ISD HELiOS Task Starter can also be used to monitor other HELiOS applications (e.g. ERP import).
  • Windows task for starting an application.
HELiOS MultiCAD general

Open, with options
The Open, with options function offers you file type-specific options that are taken into account when opening a document. For example, you can also select the express mode for Inventor assemblies called up from HELiOS or open SOLIDWORKS assemblies of large designs in the mode for checking purposes. The function can also be called up directly in the HELiOS Ribbon of Autodesk Inventor and SOLIDWORKS.

Batch update
The batch update, which allows you to update a multiple selection of HELiOS documents in one step via the Combined search, offers several new features:

  • The check-in of the corresponding documents as well as a subsequent clearing of the HELiOS Workspace can be carried out automatically directly in the dialogue window.
  • The status display, including the option to cancel, has been revised.
  • The automated behaviour when updating components to newer indices can be controlled via the HELiOS Options of your MultiCAD application. There is no longer a prompt during the update process.

Discontinuation of older MultiCAD interfaces
Please note that with the release of HELiOS 2023 (Version 2800) the following older MultiCAD interfaces will be discontinued:

  • AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical 2019
  • Inventor 2019
  • Navisworks 2019
HELiOS and Inventor / SOLIDWORKS


Inventor 2023
HELiOS 2023 supports Inventor 2023.

Inventor 2019
This version is no longer supported by HELiOS 2023.

Exchange / Exchange all
To improve performance, the functions Exchange and Exchange all, which allow you to replace components of the active part using HELiOS's Combined search, have been adjusted.



Open, with options: Checking large drawings
HELiOS supports the three mode setting options of SOLIDWORKS assemblies: Resolved, Lightweight and Large design review. When opening SOLIDWORKS assemblies with options, also via HELiOS Desktop, you have the option to select one of the three options when opening in the dialogue under Mode.

As of HELiOS 2023, you can also open with options directly from the HELiOS menu or the HELiOS Ribbon in SOLIDWORKS.

Batch import
The batch import has been extended by a progress display with a cancel option.

This version is no longer supported by HELiOS 2023.


Transfer of the HiCAD sheet structure
When saving SZA files to HELiOS, the HiCAD sheet structure is now also transferred to HELiOS. This contains the number of sheets and per sheet the sheet type, sheet number and sheet name. The sheet structure of SZA documents can be viewed in HELiOS in the document master under Model structure. When printing documents via HELiOS, this sheet structure is also displayed accordingly for the selection of the sheet area to be printed.

Please note that when updating to HELiOS 2023 (V 2800) in combination with a HiCAD version older than HiCAD 2023 (V 2800), printing of SZA files via HELiOS is no longer possible due to this change. In this case, you will receive a corresponding note during installation. The migration of inventory data can be carried out automatically after HiCAD. This applies to the following HiCAD versions:

  • HiCAD 2021: as of Version 2601.6
  • HiCAD 2022: as of Version 2702.3
  • HiCAD 2023: as of Version 2800.0

HiCAD-specific HELiOS settings in Configuration Editor
As of Version 2800, HiCAD manages some attributes itself that previously had to be defined in the HELiOS settings. These are for example the article attributes for weight, material, surface area and volume as well as the document attributes for the scale and the plot stamp.

Plant Engineering: HiCAD - HELiOS Head ID
As of HiCAD 2023, it is no longer possible to predefine the Head IDs of articles and documents in HELiOS. This ID was previously used by the Catalogue Editor and the DBPlantDataImport/PartDataAutoSync tools to retrieve articles. Now, unique IDs are assigned by the variant editor itself and transferred to HELiOS during synchronization. These IDs are directly visible in HELiOS, as they are not a regular article attribute.

  • The new IDs are only directly visible in a few places in HiCAD.
  • When synchronizing with the catalogue via the tool VarToCat, an additional table column PLANTID is inserted.
  • In P+ID, the new ID becomes visible in the attribute database article ID when assigning article data.
  • After a part has been inserted, the PLANTID is also found in its part attributes.

Support of EPLAN 2022
HELiOS 2023 supports the current EPLAN Version 2022.

Improvements and extensions
With the update to HELiOS 2023, a number of improvements have been achieved and extensions made for the EPLAN interface:

  • The attribute mapping has been adapted to the latest state of the art.
  • In the article synchronisation service, the possibility of resynchronising articles that could not previously be overwritten in HELiOS has been created, e.g. modification of a device whose HELiOS article master has already been released. A new configuration switch then ensures that the HELiOS article master is directly resynchronised.
  • There are improvements in the area of the bill of materials and product structure sync, e.g. with regard to the recognition of EPLAN product structure items.

In the case of multi-level BOMs, PDF files stored for insertion locations are also transferred to HELiOS, analogously to the EPLAN project itself.

Other Interfaces


AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical 2023
HELiOS 2023 supports AutoCAD 2023 and AutoCAD Mechanical 2023.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical 2019
The version is no longer supported by HELiOS 2023.



Navisworks 2023
HELiOS 2023 supports Navisworks 2023.

Navisworks 2019
The version is no longer supported by HELiOS 2023.


Microsoft Office

In addition to inserting e-mail attachments via the HELiOS function Find document, you now also have the option of attaching a document to the active E-mail that you have previously marked accordingly via the Pre-select document function, e.g. in a result list of HELiOS Desktop.

Batch update - automatic check-in

Server Monitor - monitoring of the runnability of HELiOS server applications such as the Vault Server or the HELiOS Spooler

Transfer of HiCAD sheet structures to HELiOS

New Report Manager for BOM output in HiCAD and HELiOS

EPLAN - Significant improvements for part synchronisation, attribute mapping and product structure matching

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