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HELiOS 2022 SP2

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Service Pack 2 for HELiOS 2022 is now available. One of the development focuses was the further expansion of the derivation functionality. The derivation of projects and folders without content has been extended. Here, for example, subprojects or subfolders of the respective structure can now be selected or deselected via the extended dialogue. Another new feature is that pipe classes in HiCAD Plant Engineering can be derived with content, i.e. characteristics of all or only certain variants. Also here - as with projects and folders - the workflow membership can be influenced.

In addition, the work with length units has been extended once again. Examples are output settings for inches and feet as well as the consideration of the unit category when copying and pasting attribute values. And in the Multi-CAD area, as of SP2 the batch update has an independent dialogue and is thereby much more user-friendly.


HELiOS general / HELiOS Desktop

Deriving project and folder structures without content
Project and folder structures can be derived very conveniently from SP2 onwards:

  • The existing project/folder tree is displayed completely (also mixed where required).
  • The user can select projects/folders individually or completely and change project/folders attributes before derivation.
  • The workflow can be selected automatically or individually for the projects/folders.
  • Restrictions/changes exist with regard to the folders that are created via action lists!

Derive pipe class with content
As of SP2 a new function for pipe classes is available in the HELiOS Desktop: Derive pipe class .... Use this function to create a copy of the pipe class including all its sub-types. Variants can be taken over in their current state or can be derived and assigned to the new pipe class.

Length attributes in British and American representation
For FLOAT attributes of the unit category Length, further settings for the representation can be made from SP2 onwards:

  • The unit symbol displayed in the result lists and masks can be switched between British and American representation.
  • For the output in result lists, the user can switch between decimal representation and fractional representation.
  • When outputting attribute values in the unit Feet, a mixed representation (in feet and inches) is used if necessary.

Copy & Paste attribute values with unit category
When copying & pasting attribute values via the Clipboard, also from one application to another, e.g. from HELiOS to an ERP system or Word, unit categories of FLOAT attributes will be taken into account as follows:

  • Copy attribute value copies a value to the clipboard as it is displayed for you in the result list. I.e.: If the unit (e.g. cm or inches) is also displayed in the corresponding result list column, it is also copied.
  • When pasting into a target attribute with a different base unit using the Paste attribute value function, the value will then be converted accordingly.
  • If no unit was copied to the clipboard, the corresponding number is also interpreted in the standard display unit of the target attribute when it is pasted.

Open, with options: Open drawings in reduced mode
The options dialogue for reduced loading of HiCAD documents (.sza files) has been revised to match the standard you are used to from HiCAD.

HELiOS Multi-CAD general

Converters by attributes for export mapping
Until now, it was only possible to define a converter for an export mapping which was applied to the composite attribute value at the very end.  With SP2 it is now also possible to define converters individually for each attribute that is used within the attribute mapping. The user is thus much more flexible when setting up the attribute mapping.

Enhanced batch update
As of SP2, the batch update is carried out via an independent dialogue.

  • You can call the combination search several times and gradually transfer search results to the dialogue.
  • Previously transferred search results can also be removed from the dialogue.
  • You can control whether only the selected documents are updated during the batch update or whether the substructures contained are also updated.
  • Updated documents are automatically checked in, but not removed from the workspace.

Derive projects and folders without content revised functionality

Derive pipe class with content

Output settings for inches and feet

Set converter for export mapping

Multi-CAD - Batch update

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