HiCAD ALUCOBOND® - Die CAD-Lösung für vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassaden

HiCAD ALUCOBOND® is the new CAD solution for rear-ventilated facades

The joint development of the ISD Software und Systeme GmbH in Dortmund and the 3A Composites GmbH in Singen enables an accurate planning of complete building shells from the first concept and the output of the related production documents to the immediate passing of the data to CNC machines.

The new, exclusive HiCAD ALUCOBOND® extension module has been geared towards designing with ALUCOBOND® composite panels. It allows the user to create 3-D variants for ALUCOBOND®-specific tray panels as early as in the planning phase. In addition, it enables an automatic placing of ALUCOBOND® tray panels into a 3-D grid. Furthermore, HiCAD ALUCOBOND® offers various individual designing functions, such as the detailing of corner connections, clasps and fasteners. A wide range of ALUCOBOND® coatings allows a convenient integration of required surface types and colour variants.

The interface to the production lines is created by supplementing the design data in HiCAD with ALUCOBOND®-specific allowance data and passing them automatically to the CNC machines in the production department.

HiCAD ALUCOBOND® für vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassaden

Dr. Amin Emami, Head of Technical Department, 3A Composites GmbH

»With HiCAD we have finally discovered a BIM-capable CAD system that effortlessly combines standard functions with innovations. Besides the new, exclusive HiCAD ALUCOBOND® functions, the unique 2-D/3-D associativity is one of the highlights of the software.«

The product properties of ALUCOBOND®

With their high quality, resilience and unique appearance, the ALUCOBOND® products stand for sustainable construction quality and meet even the highest design requirements. The facade materials possess outstanding product characteristics such as perfect flatness, a wide range of surface types and colours as well as an excellent formability.

ALUCOBOND® for rear-ventilated facades combines the features of energy-efficient construction, economic viability and architectural quality. The rearventilated construction technique is perfectly suited for creating facades on new and old buildings as well as on roof constructions and interior elements.

HiCAD – the practice-oriented CAD solution

Our CAD system HiCAD effortlessly combines tradition with innovation: As an industry-comprehensive CAD system it does not only provide functions for all conceivable tasks in the field of civil engineering, but also the tools that are required for all related fields of industry – in one single CAD system, thus sparing you switching between applications. The industry-specific, special HiCAD functions for mullion and transom facades, industry and panel facades as well as sheet metal and element facades allow a fast an easy realisation of room-closing elements for all building types. Thanks to the HiCAD ALUCOBOND® solution, HiCAD now enables ALUCOBOND® users to completely realize their tasks in full 3-D and with only one CAD system.

Design creatively in 2-D or 3-D

You can work flexibly right from the start, whether in 2-D, 3-D or a combination of the two methods, while HiCAD supports you with its powerful functions. Choose our special suites for your requirements – the selection ranges from the pure ALUCOBOND® planner to individual 3-D facade and glazing planning tools.

Use our expert system to apply manufacturer-specific surfaces and colours without any additional effort. In HiCAD you have direct access to the ALUCOBOND® Shader / Surfaces as semi-finished products. This ensures an accurate output of the material in annotations, drawings and bills of materials. The representation of the facade adjusts itself in shaded HiCAD views to the wide range of ALUCOBOND® coatings, enabling an effortless integration of the required surfaces and colour variants into your drawing.

Die Funktionalitäten von HiCAD ALUCOBOND®  sind genauso umfangreich wie die Farbpalette von ALUCOBOND®. Nicht nur Uni-, Metallic- und Effektfarben sind denkbar, auch individuelle Farbtonwünsche sind auf Anfrage möglich.

HiCAD ALUCOBOND - Die 3D-CAD-Lösung für spezifische Kassetten

Modify and shape your models with smart functions

Configure and conceptualize your ideas at high speed with the help of HiCAD and the exclusive HiCAD ALUCOBOND® solution! Use 3-D planning grids for the realisation and subsequent modification of simple or complex facade constructions. Smart functions allow a targeted and fast modification and detailing of corner connections, fasteners, clasps and other components, e.g. for creating connections to substructures. In case of changes the concerned joints and connections will be adjusted automatically.

HiCAD ALUCOBOND® - CAD-Suite for rear-ventilated facades

Thanks to its modular structure, HiCAD can be individually extended and adjusted to our company-specific needs at any time. Four configuration levels of HiCAD ALUCOBOND® are available, which can be optimally supplemented with the HiCAD modules “Profile Installation” and “Element Installation”. If you are frequently dealing with cross-sectoral projects, you should also take a look at our solutions for mechanical engineering, plant construction, sheet metal processing, steel, metal and facade engineering and the creation of glazing constructions.

HiCAD ALUCOBOND® - A comparison of the suites

Basic functions
Sketching and modelling functions, constraints management, itemisation
and identical part search, standard interfaces
Report Manager professional
Deriving of quantity and structure BOMs from CAD structures, export as
HTML, Excel or TXT file, sorting by various criteria, individual filter options
for columns, calculation operations for columns, identical part search
according to user-specific criteria
3-D modelling and 3-D fasteners
Innovative 3-D functions and tools for realistic product models; standard
parts for bolts, screws, studs, washers, nuts, dowels, anchors etc.
Document and Drawing Management in Civil Engineering (Management + BIM)
For a safe project handling with access to current design data
Motion simulations and physical simulations taking gravity into account,
with collision check and video creation
Sheet Metal professional
Automatic development, blank calculation, calculation of estimated costs for laser
cutting, production-oriented creation of sheet metal constructions with the help of
special functions, e.g. for user-specific blank creation, bending simulations etc.
2-D drawing functions
State-of-the-art 2-D drawing functions, 2-D HCM variant technology, all required
2-D drawing elements, 2-D standard parts
Metal Engineering
Special glass, metal and facade engineering functions for a fast realisation of
room-closing elements in mullion-transom facades, LogiKal® interface

The availability of the functions described in this brochure depends on the configuration level of your product. All suites are individually extendable, e.g. by additional standard part packages, interfaces, extension modules or HELiOS PDM modules.

We’ll be delighted to give you free advice!

If you want to learn more about HiCAD ALUCOBOND® and experience our new product solution for facade engineering live, do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our staff members. We will be pleased to demonstrate the possibilities and advantages of our CAD solution HiCAD ALUCOBOND® in a personal meeting.