The 3D CAD Software for Steel Engineering

3D point cloud as basis of your model drawing

Quickly and accurately take the measurements on the construction site and import the data as a planning basis directly into HiCAD. This way your refurbishment objects can be processed even more efficiently.

Use HiCAD to create your drawings for
steel engineering in HiSPEED

The following functions help you achieve a time-saving workflow:


3D Steel Engineering

Be impressed by the performance of HiCAD when working in large assemblies! Individually modelable connections and arbitrary changes simplify and speed up the design process and bring additional flexibility to your project.


Steel engineering specific automatisms

In our HiCAD standard catalogues and connection libraries you will find numerous connections of the execution class EN 1090. Of course, compliant traceability is taken into account during document output. Whether DAST connections or individually created connections - you'll have everything you need for a sustainable construction!



Create detail and approval drawings quickly and easily: In HiCAD you can easily create detail views, sectional views and cut-out views from your 3D model drawing. You can also take advantage of the benefits of 3D planning: Not only do you create clarity for the viewer, you also create fewer drawings in total.


Automatic workshop drawings

Finally, finish your design. At the touch of a button you have your workshop drawing with development, sheet metal blank and 3D view - of couse, complete with designations, dimensions and annotations. Other production documents such as BOMs or overbend tables are also automatically generated in HiCAD.


Data exchange made easy

A large number of interfaces enable you to quickly import and export your data. Whether DXF, DWG, STEP or IFC - with HiCAD you can exchange data without any problems. This guarantees you error-free production without data loss from receipt of the order to installation.


Organizational solution for steel engineering

A tidy house is half the battle! With the steel engineering drawing management in HELiOS, you benefit from numerous functions that optimize your workflow. Manage your articles and documents and access everything across departments. Also included: evaluations of BOMs and and lists of sawn beams and profiles.


Staalservice Hardenberg

„The "derivation function" in HiCAD is the most valuable for us. It saves a lot of time and allows us to implement projects faster.“

Adriaan van 't Hof, hoofd tekenkamer

METALLICA Stahl- und Fassadentechnik GmbH

„Thanks to the automated processes you save a lot of time with HiCAD.“

Harald Gremsl, Chief Designer

NILU Stahlbau GmbH

„The extension of the IFC interface and the import of DWGs will certainly save us several days of work.“

Anton Ilic, General Manager

Highlights of our 3D CAD solution for steel engineering

Video "3D Steel Engineering"
Video "Planning"
Video "Automatic workshop drawings"
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Video "Steel engineering specific automatisms"
Video "Data exchange made easy"
Video "Organizational solution for steel engineering"

International projects at a high level

TESIGN – ALU | STAHL | GLAS | DESIGN GmbH | Reference report

“During planning, geometrically complex building projects require a CAD software which makes the necessary tools available for all adjoining areas,” says Günther Mayerhofer, managing director and design manager of TESIGN – ALU | STAHL | GLAS | DESIGN GmbH, which was founded in 1998. The Austrian planning office from Stoob carries out the technical planning of projects that impress all over the world.

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The company TESIGN - ALU | STAHL | GLAS | DESIGN GmbH uses the CAD system of the ISD Group as planning software for all building envelopes, shown here with the example of the facade of the Reifeisenkasse Burgenland integrated with steel construction.

„The introduction has been simple. It is not without reason that our company continuously trains further technicians on the basis of HiCAD.“

Günther Mayerhofer, Managing Director

Spectacular high tech architecture created with top performance software

Seele GmbH | Reference report

The worldwide leading role of the seele GmbH in the realization of extraordinary building shells is the result of the work of renowned architects, highly specialized staff members and multi-CAD capable software including BIM solution and PDM/PLM integration. The sustainable all-in-one solution for civil engineering consists in a combination of HiCAD and HELiOS by the ISD Software und Systeme GmbH.

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seele creates groundbreaking building envelopes made of steel-glass, all-glass, membrane constructions or element facades for demanding architects worldwide, as in the example of the steel-glass façade of this office building.

HiCAD for geometrically demanding facades

PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH | Reference report

“The requirements placed on Metal and Facade Engineering become ever more stringent. Facades should be facelifted without tenants having to move. Demands on aesthetics, housing technology, compliance with standards insulation values, energy and sustainability issues or topics such as burglary or fire protection become ever more demanding, too, and require comprehensive consulting”, explains Roman Rutz, managing director since 2006 of PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH founded in 1995.

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PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH designs geometrically demanding facades like the of the Marx Active Energy Building. It is "a building like an organism", "a mixture of cruise ship and space station" or simply "power plant".

„In our daily work with HiCAD's Metal Engineering suite premium, we particularly appreciate the clear tool structure with expandable standard parts catalogue and the loss-free data exchange via DXF and STP interfaces, as well as the complete sheet metal workflow.“

Roman Rutz, Owner
PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH

Sustainable BIM projects with HiCAD

METALLICA Stahl- und Fassadentechnik GmbH | Reference report

Sophisticated metal and glass constructions in façade construction as well as structural steelwork - primarily for the DACH region - that is what METALLICA Stahl- und Fassadentechnik GmbH stands for. Since January 2020, the former STRABAG METALLICA AG has been making a name for itself as an independent Stahl- und Fassadentechnik GmbH: with international projects of all sizes in steel, aluminium and glass façade construction - from planning and production to the assembly of the façade elements.

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METALLICA Stahl- und Fassadentechnik GmbH stands for sophisticated metal and glass structures in facade construction and structural steel engineering, seen here using the example of a steel scaffolding. Viable BIM projects can be implemented with HiCAD.

„Thanks to the automated processes you save a lot of time with HiCAD.“

Harald Gremsl, Chief Designer
METALLICA Stahl- und Fassadentechnik GmbH

The cinema of the future with HiCAD

BURRI public elements AG | Reference report

BURRI public elements AG was founded in 1907 and is being managed by the fifth generation. Based in Glattbrugg, Switzerland, the company has over 110 years of experience in the fields of planning, development, project management, construction and production of high-quality, functional products for public and semi-public spaces. Thanks to the ongoing further development of proven systems and self-developed products, BURRI with its Public Elements® provides a wide range of products: from transport engineering with candelabras and masts to lighting solutions for the public domain, signage and traffic guidance systems, waste systems and furniture.

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Less material, high static efficiency and safe winter sports

Ing. Büro Bernhard Koller | Reference report

In Austria, in picturesque Burgenland, Bernhard Koller has been running a planning office for structural steelwork since 2001. Via a partner company, Horvath Stahlbau GmbH, the construction engineer learned about the combined 2-D/3-D CAD solution of the ISD Group in Dortmund, Germany, and has been working with it since 2015 in various trades - from simple railings to complex steel and stage constructions.

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The Schierker Feuersteinarena, which received the special prize for engineering from the Austrian Steel Construction Association, also won the HiCAD Award in 2018.

„The introduction of HiCAD went smoothly and we can very well imagine choosing the ISD Group as our first point of contact if we were to expand our business to include facade construction.“

Bernhard Koller, General Manager
Ing. Büro Bernhard Koller

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