The 3-D solution for for sheet metal processing

High precision sheet processing

Use HiCAD to model with highest precision! Powerful features give you complete control over your product at all times. Are you finished with your model drawing? Then create drawings for the production department in just a few steps, or export the results as DXF.

Mubo Metaal

„When it comes to drawing and processing sheet metal products, we think HiCAD is still the best!“

Kasper Mussche, Head of Department

Metaalbouw TSV

„If you are looking for CAD software that can handle all conceivable sheet metal processing tasks in one and the same program, HiCAD is the right solution.“

Reinier Huizing, Draftsman, Work Planner and Project Manager


„Considering that none of our ten designers had worked with HiCAD before, the introduction was uncomplicated and fast.“

Ralf Baron, Chief Designer

MAP E. Prinzing & Söhne GmbH + Co. KG

„With MAP, the HiCAD functionalities of sheet metal design are particularly relevant for day-to-day business.“

Heinz Kaufmann, Licensing

Horst IDL Metallbau GmbH

„The sheet metal functions integrated in HiCAD have particularly promoted the increase in productivity in our company. Furthermore, errors during the design process could be minimized and thus also the faster handling of projects could be realized.“

Bernhard Gratz, Project Leader Alu

VHV Anlagenbau GmbH

„We can optimally plan and manufacture our conveyor belts thanks to HiCAD's various industry solutions. We make extensive use of the HiCAD functionalities for mechanical engineering, but also those of steel engineering and sheet metal. The possibilities of the individual modules show the user are perfectly coordinated - one function interacts with the other. This has extremely optimised our processes from planning to production.“

Bernhard Verlage, Technical Director

High precision in constantly changing projects

MAP E. Prinzing & Söhne GmbH + Co. KG |

Machine tools, sheet drawings, machine beds, machine frames for milling, turning and honing machines, boring mills, crankshaft turning lathes as well as grinding machines cover the wide range of the product portfolio from the company founded in 1913 in Gingen an der Fils. Thus it is no wonder that MAP E. Prinzing & Söhne GmbH + Co. KG counts on HiCAD to react flexibly on changing customer needs ranging from series-authentic prototype construction to economical and innovative solutions through to on-schedule serial production. 190 employees – part of which are eight constructors – carry out up to 35 projects each year and i.a. rely upon the elaborate Software by Dortmund’s ISD Group when it comes to document administration: the PDM System HELiOS.

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„With MAP, the HiCAD functionalities of sheet metal design are particularly relevant for day-to-day business.“

Heinz Kaufmann, Licensing
MAP E. Prinzing & Söhne GmbH + Co. KG

3-D CAD for complex sheet metal bending parts in top quality.

Precise 3-D sheet metal models through special CAD functions and automatisms give you more time for the wishes of your customers. For sheet metal processing tasks we recommend using the HiCAD Sheet Metal suite. In this software suite, you will find numerous modules and functions that will help you make optimum use of your production machines.

We would be happy to advise you on the suites, the individual functions and configuration levels - or test the full version of HiCAD.

Seamless data flow for engineering with HELiOS PDM

UNLIMITED performance for your company..
Interface HiCAD for special machine construction with our PDM software HELiOS for professional product data management.
Control all data flows from HiCAD via HELiOS to your ERP system and save valuable time.


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