3D CAD Software for Product Development

Single piece or series - angular or round-shaped

Developing a new product requires creativity and flexibility. Both are offered in the best possible way by our CAD system HiCAD at all times during the design process. The optimal product presentation during the complete development process up to production guarantees your success.

Use HiCAD to create drawings for
product design in HiSPEED

The following functions help you achieve a time-saving workflow:

Does the request become an order?

In our PDM system HELiOS a comparable product can be found and derived in the form of the parts where-used list. This minimizes your costs and valuable time required for a first offer. The collected documents are available in one central folder.


There is not unlimited time for the design

The classic modeling techniques complement each other excellently with standard processing or industry-specific special functions. If the punching/forming tools required by the prospective customer are not yet in your portfolio, the HiCAD catalogue function integrates them effortlessly.


Construction and costs must be in a reasonable relation

After receipt of the order, the order folder is in then hands of the design engineer. When it comes to geometric detailing, it is worthwhile to use the HiCAD Constraint Manager, especially when changes are the order of the day. The bending simulation already provides you with the future laser cut sheet metal of on the screen.


All data to be released by the engineering department

The workflow-controlled release of the model drawing generates all necessary production data. The automatic itemization with identical parts recognition provides a product structure which you can transfer to any ERP system. Send the BOM to Excel or directly to the drawing.


Output and documentation are part of the job

All documents can be found in HELiOS via the article master. The order folder contains all current data. For specific assembly instructions, HiCAD has developed the appropriate tool for the job in the exploded view..


Well "presented" guarantees the next order

Whether your client likes the product you have developed depends entirely on the presentation tools used. HiCAD provides realistic textures and mirroring panoramas for a photorealistic output. The integrated interfaces such as STEP, VRML or 3D PDF transport your success.



„Partly thanks to the flexibility and possibilities of ISD and the 3D package HiCAD, we as an organization have grown into a professional engineering company. A unique cooperation between software provider and user, with which we as end users are very satisfied.“

Raymond van Amersfoort, Commercial Director

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