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BIM compliant planning with smart industry solutions

Our 3D solution for facade engineering contains everything that will get you to your goal quickly: all industry functions in just one system. You can work at any time with the functionalities from mechanical engineering, beam, profile and sheet metal construction, steel engineering and facade construction. This makes HiCAD a real all-rounder!

Use HiCAD to create drawings for
element facades in HiSPEED

the following functions help you achieve a time-saving workflow:

Variable elements through efficient parametrics

Avoid unneccessary double work. Design similar elements only once in HiCAD thanks to modern parametrics. Features, constraints and variables are available for quick and easy element parameterization. Your same components in different elements are safely managed thanks to referencing.


Combined free and parametric modelling

Changes during projects occur quite frequently. The only thing that helps here is calmness and the necessary portion of dynamism. HiCAD makes it possible and lets you adapt individual components from your model drawing as you wish in every phase of your process. Free and parametric modeling also brings flexibility to your project.


Identical part search and automatically created production documents

Thanks to our powerful functions, you can always see how many times identical parts are used in your project. In this way, you always retain control of the project and can manage production efficiently and effectively. In HiCAD, the creation of any lists for panels, folded sheets, profiles and accessories as well as blank lists is just as simple and fast as the automatic output of practice-oriented dimensioned production drawings.


Release and modification management

Our self-developed PDM system HELiOS guarantees you safe processes. With the integrated project, article and document management, searching for data is a thing of the past. Direct access from production or from the construction site? No problem thanks to plot management and Internet server. Would you like to know which changes in a project were implemented by whom? HELiOS offers you a clear answer to this question at any time.


Customer drawings and mounting drawings derived from 3D

Derive your customer and mounting drawings automatically from your 3D model. Even if changes are made to your drawing, it will always remain up to date thanks to HiCAD's full 2D/3D associativity! 3D details guarantee you simple and secure communication with customers and the production department.



BIM solution for execution and on-site planning

With full 3D modelling, a modern part structure and support for IFC 2 x 3 and IFC 4, we can safely say: HiCAD is fully BIM compliant! We support you in your BIM process with all functions and automatisms relevant to structural engineering!



Dobler Metallbau GmbH

„The flexibility and good adaptability of the software convinced us. Especially in our industry, interfaces such as LogiKal & BIM as well as data access from anywhere are indispensable!“

Christian Augustin, Plant Manager & Authorized Representative / Production Manager

Compal Composites

„For us, the greatest added value of ISD software is the way in which 3D development and project exchange is possible. After all, this is increasingly demanded in the construction sector. Exchange of information is very efficient and reduces costs due to errors. As a young innovative company we want to keep up with the latest technologies and developments in the construction industry.“

Dennis Meijer, Director

PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH

„In our daily work with HiCAD's Metal Engineering suite premium, we particularly appreciate the clear tool structure with expandable standard parts catalogue and the loss-free data exchange via DXF and STP interfaces, as well as the complete sheet metal workflow.“

Roman Rutz, Owner

Highlights of our 3D CAD solution for element facades

Video "BIM planning with intelligent industry solutions"
Video "Variable elements through parametrics"
Video "Combined free and parametric modelling"
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Video "BIM solution for execution and work planning"
Video "Identical part search and production drawing creation"

Vorsselmans switches to the next gear with HiCAD

Vorsselmans | Reference report

With over 180 employees, Loenhout, Belgium-based Vorsselmans is a renowned player in (facade) construction in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. The company has been familiar with projects in BIM since 2009. With the investment in HiCAD software, Vorsselmans is shifting to the next gear and aims to control production directly from the 3D model.

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HiCAD References: Vorsselmans

„The experience with HiCAD to date has been positive. “The level of detail we want to get out to production level seems to go well, even with such a complex project as VRT.“

Joël van den Broeck, Business Controller

Software for integrated design and production

Van Hoesel | Reference report

BIM is conquering the civil engineering sector. The organisation ‘Van Hoesel’ is also increasingly confronted with BIM methodologies. However, the facade builder lacked solid software in which both the design and the control of the production process could be managed. In practice, this meant running through two processes each time, which increased the risk of mistakes and also spending more time than necessary. This is both past. After an intensive test phase with HiCAD, ‘Van Hoesel’ is convinced.

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„What is striking about HiCAD is the very good combination of the mechanical and the structural aspects“

Ruud Baelemans, operational director
Van Hoesel

Spectacular high tech architecture created with top performance software

Seele GmbH | Reference report

The worldwide leading role of the seele GmbH in the realization of extraordinary building shells is the result of the work of renowned architects, highly specialized staff members and multi-CAD capable software including BIM solution and PDM/PLM integration. The sustainable all-in-one solution for civil engineering consists in a combination of HiCAD and HELiOS by the ISD Software und Systeme GmbH.

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seele creates groundbreaking building envelopes made of steel-glass, all-glass, membrane constructions or element facades for demanding architects worldwide, as in the example of the steel-glass façade of this office building.

HiCAD for geometrically demanding facades

PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH | Reference report

“The requirements placed on Metal and Facade Engineering become ever more stringent. Facades should be facelifted without tenants having to move. Demands on aesthetics, housing technology, compliance with standards insulation values, energy and sustainability issues or topics such as burglary or fire protection become ever more demanding, too, and require comprehensive consulting”, explains Roman Rutz, managing director since 2006 of PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH founded in 1995.

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PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH designs geometrically demanding facades like the of the Marx Active Energy Building. It is "a building like an organism", "a mixture of cruise ship and space station" or simply "power plant".

„In our daily work with HiCAD's Metal Engineering suite premium, we particularly appreciate the clear tool structure with expandable standard parts catalogue and the loss-free data exchange via DXF and STP interfaces, as well as the complete sheet metal workflow.“

Roman Rutz, Owner
PBF Fassadentechnik GmbH

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