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Reach your goal quickly with our 3D solution for conveyor technology. Powerful functions enable you to maintain full control over your product at all times. Are you finished with your model drawing? Then generate your production data in just a few steps!

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The following functions help you achieve a time-saving workflow.

Free or parametric modelling?

Do not let yourself be restricted in your creativity by a forced parameterization. You alone decide where the parameters are set or referenced.
Use the parametric approach for variants, and model freely to construct a staircase, a railing or a safety guard.


True 2D / 3D associativity

Would you like to quickly create a quotation layout for a plant design in 2D or use the 2D data of the architect as a basis for your model drawing? Take advantage of the possibility to convert 2D data into 3D. Designing in 2D or 3D? With HiCAD there is no "either - or". Instead, you can use 2D and 3D in one program and in one file!


Assembly-based working

Maintain a clear overview at any time through quick changes to individual parts within the assembly. No confusing component activation. Individual parts can be modeled directly in the assembly without an additional part file. Use referencing only when necessary. The structure of the design does not have to be known in advance, since parts can be assigned to an assembly by simple Drag & Drop. Hereby a constraint free modelling is possible.


Steel engineering with beams and profiles

Quickly create a machine frame or even a staircase with a railing. With the configurators in HiCAD you can create e.g. a staircase in just a few steps. With the beam and profile technology in HiCAD, standard beams and profiles can be inserted into your model drawing as in 2D, via 2 points. All technological data such as weight, length and surface area can be made available at any time.


Convenient viewing functions

Use the viewing functions to gain speed and performance, also during the design process. Create multiple views of your model drawing that show only relevant parts and assemblies. This makes it easy to handle even large drawings.


Sheet metal functions for instant results

You want to output production data at the push of a button? With HiCAD, all sheet metal developments of a model drawing can be output as DXF, DWG, STEP or ToPS Geo to a specific directory. Your own shortening factors can be taken into account.


VHV Anlagenbau GmbH

„We can optimally plan and manufacture our conveyor belts thanks to HiCAD's various industry solutions. We make extensive use of the HiCAD functionalities for mechanical engineering, but also those of steel engineering and sheet metal. The possibilities of the individual modules show the user are perfectly coordinated - one function interacts with the other. This has extremely optimised our processes from planning to production.“

Bernhard Verlage, Technical Director

Highlights of our 3D CAD solutions for conveying technology

Video "2D/3D associativity"
Video "Convenient view functions"


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