HELiOS: Die PDM-Lösung für ein zentrales Informations- und Datenmanagement für Ihr Unternehmen

The PDM/PLM system HELiOS: CAD data management made easy

  • Do you spend a large part of your project lead time on manually creating, storing and, above all, finding master data, bills of materials (BOMs) and documents (often even multiple times)?
  • Do you use various MCAD systems such as Inventor, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS or HiCAD, and do you sometimes forget whether and where the right files have been stored?
  • Does your Electrical Engineering department work with the ECAD system EPLAN or ZUKEN E3?
  • Do you always have the most recent status or history of all parts to hand, or do you spend a lot of time on finding parts, drawings or related documents?
  • During your daily work, do you spend a lot of precious project time on too many routine tasks like plotting or provision of neutral formats for other departments? Time that, in actual fact, would be urgently needed for other tasks?

In such heterogeneous CAD environments it is rather difficult to find a PDM system that embraces and organizes all these design data within one system and, in doing so, provides a solid basis for a company-wide, efficient Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

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HELiOS – Your benefits:

  • A central information and data management system for your entire company
  • Support by automatisms during successive transfer of CAD data to HELiOS with a multitude of standard interfaces
  • Process control / Workflow Management for articles and all kinds of documents
  • Trouble-free working across departments thanks to a digital, Workflow-aided folder concept
  • Highly flexible article and BOM management




  • Integration into the UIs of the MCAD systems Inventor, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS and HiCAD, and the ECAD systems EPLAN and ZUKEN E3
  • Synchronization of ERP and PDM through bidirectional linking by means of numerous standard interfaces
  • Management of all kinds of files through extensive data management
  • Customizable and highly flexible plot management

We optimize your entire product lifecycle with HELiOS

Das PDM/PLM-System HELiOS verwaltet Ihre Projektdaten

Tidy up your data management

The PDM/PLM solution HELiOS of the ISD Group offers you all these advantages, providing you with a central information and data management system for your entire company. Our PDM/PLM system does not only manage all your project data, such as bills of materials, all types of files, drawings etc., but can also be fully integrated into the CAD systems Inventor, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS and HiCAD. While working in a familiar CAD environment, you will be supported by an automatic transfer of design data to the PDM environment. Many functions of our PDM/PLM solution HELiOS can be directly accessed in the UI of Inventor, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS and HiCAD, which speeds up and simplifies your design processes even further. Our standardized CAD data management, the intuitive UI and state-of-the-art functions will boost the productivity of your development department significantly, which will in turn reduce project lead times.



Das PDM/PLM-System HELiOS beschleunigt das Auffinden von Gleichteilen

The solution:"Finding instead of searching" with HELiOS

“Finding instead of searching” is the motto of HELiOS – save valuable time and money for the realisation of further projects! Save parts and assemblies systematically and directly from the CAD system, with or without HELiOS classification and, in so doing, speed up the detection of identical parts. Costly and time-consuming new model drawings will be a thing of the past. All data and documents are stored, securely encrypted, in the HELiOS Vault that serves as a “digital safe”. While being perfectly safeguarded, the data can be made available in any place and at any time to users who have the required access permission. The digitalization of information offers enormous savings potentials thanks to a multitude of automated processes. Please feel free to contact us for further information – we will be happy to offer practical advice, drawing on our wealth of experience in the field of project handling!




»Time that was saved thanks to HELiOS can be immediately used for further activities – most notably, for crucial design processes. Especially for master data input you can now save a lot of time, since these data are now directly linked to the articles and needn’t be entered again in cases of reuse. Further time savings are achieved by the elimination of typing errors – this credit, too, goes to HELiOS.«


Kai Ellerbrock, MBS Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG

Zeitersparnis dank HELiOS bei der MBS Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG

Die PDM/PLM-Lösung HELiOS mit ERP-Kopplung


The PDM/PLM software HELiOS provides you with the key technology that increases your company’s competitiveness through a sophisticated Product Lifecycle Management. Thanks to the possibility to automatically link design data to articles, HELiOS offers you so much more than just drawing management. On the basis of the articles from the CAD system, product structures are generated which can also be supplemented with non-graphical elements. On the whole, these enable a smooth flow of data between engineering/development and material procurement/production, as well as other departments, via interface between PDM and ERP. All BOM-relevant information and production drawings can be passed on to the ERP system, taking the correct versions into account, so that they will always be available in their most recent form to members of other departments at any time. No matter which ERP system you want to integrate – we will definitely find the right solution for you.

With our strategic ERP partners oxaion, BEOSYS and COBUS (APplus) we have already successfully realized a large number of projects. The experience gained in these projects enables us to offer you efficient,  tried-and-tested standard solutions with a wide range of functions.   

Die PDM/PLM-Lösung HELiOS mit den ECAD-Partnern Zuken E3 und EPLAN

PDM and ECAD/Mechatronics

In addition to mechanical construction, the visualisation of electro-technical data of machines within mechatronic information models has recently become increasingly relevant. Are your customers more and more frequently requesting comprehensive, holistic documentations from you? To enable you to make your electrical engineering department part of the data flow, our PDM software HELiOS has been integrated into EPLAN and ZUKEN E3. Both design departments can conveniently work on a project and manage the data centrally in the PDM system. This applies to articles (parts), BOMs and documents, either from CAD or PDM. BOM transfers from the mechanical and the electro-technical CAD system are possible “at the push of a button”.


Abteilungsübergreifendes Arbeiten mit HELiOS

Working across departments

As a provider of CAD and PDM solutions for the complete process chain, we do not just take a look at separate departments of a company. The future-oriented way consists in an approach that guarantees a reliable data management and process safety across all departments. The Workflow-controlled, digital folder concept of HELiOS helps you achieve this goal. The intuitive administration tools enable you to define so-called “Role Workflows” for your corporate processes which, in conjunction with the assigning of access permissions, control, simplify and speed up the daily exchange of documents between all departments. In the process, you can also send E-mails, create or provide template documents. Optimize your job handling and provide production documents, without printing them, at the place where they are actually needed, i.e. to the responsible people in the relevant department.  Feedback from our customers has proven that time savings of 50 percent and more can be achieved in this way, which reduces project lead times and allows you to concentrate on further tasks.


»The reduction of working hours from 120 to 18 clearly shows the extent to which our work processes could be speeded up and demonstrates the efficiency of a PDM system like HELiOS, which automatically generates and controls all work processes for us.«


Björn Quelle, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH

PDM/PLM-System HELiOS: Beschleunigung der Arbeitsprozesse bei der FST GmbH

DMS HELiOS mit den Partnern Inventor, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, HiCAD, EPLAN, Zuken E3 und MS Office

Document Management

In addition to the CAD documents from Inventor, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS and HiCAD, as well as from EPLAN and ZUKEN E3, there is also a large daily amount of CAD-non-relevant documents, or complementary documents.  These documents come up during the complete life cycle of a product, e.g. a conformity declaration that you may have to sign. With the PDM system HELiOS you can manage any type of file in any format. Furthermore, you can benefit from an interface to the widely used Microsoft Office applications. Many HELiOS PDM functions can be directly accessed via PowerPoint, Word, Excel or Outlook.  Also, you have the option to create template documents for frequently used, complementary documents and directly incorporate the article, folder, project and document data managed in PDM into your template.

HELiOS is a certified document management system operated according to the test report of Zöller & Partner GmbH according to GoBD.

Artikel- und Stücklistenmanagement mit dem PDM/PLM-System HELiOS

Article and BOM Management

While the work of the engineering department is mainly organized according to numbered drawings, the materials management, or any other department, thinks in articles, rather. By linking article master data to the corresponding drawings and geometries, these two corporate sectors are brought together and made transparent to each other. In this way, product structures from CAD-relevant and CAD-non-relevant articles are created in the PDM/PLM system HELiOS, are directly passed on to the ERP system, where they are converted to various BOM types. A manual assigning of CAD data to articles and a time-consuming entering of BOMs into the ERP system will no longer be necessary. This saves not only a lot of time, but also minimizes the error rate and optimizes the visualization of the complete Product Life Cycle. This concept allows an easy and flexible display of a company-wide information model for your products, unlocks enormous savings potentials and increases overall productivity.  

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