HELiCON – From product configuration to sales automation
HELiCON – easy and efficient automation
HELiCON speeds up the creation of variants
CAD configurators make the product know-how accessible for all departments.
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HELiCON – Product configuration for all use cases

An efficient handling of the constantly increasing complexity of modern products throughout all industries is nowadays a decisive factor for the success of product innovations. By means of an increased number of product variants a company can fulfil special customer wishes, target new market segments and gain new customers, which will eventually lead to increased profits. An adverse effect, however, consists in the increased costs caused by a great variant diversity. Innovative tools like product configurators have proven very useful in such situations. These tools enable a rapid customization of products – almost “at the push of a button” and even by users who are not involved in the engineering processes. Such users are, for example, sales representatives or the end customer. In this way, you can reduce your product development costs and speed up your job workflows significantly.

HELiCON, our powerful automation solution, makes the development of product configurators affordable even for smaller and medium-sized companies. If you develop or sell modular and customized products, and feel that your proposal preparation takes too much time, personnel and work, HELiCON will be exactly the right tool for you!

The highlights

  • Company-wide sharing of product knowledge (Sales Intelligence)
  • Faster order processing
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Accelerated engineering processes
  • Faster proposal preparation
  • Professional and consistent offers and product documents
  • Suitable for all industries
  • No programming skills required

HELiCON – From product configuration to sales automation

Product data in companies are created in cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers.  A multitude of various software systems is used for the generation and management of the data which form the basis for the structure of these products and the preparation of proposals.  These are, in particular, CAD, PDM and PPS/ERP systems as well as calculation programs and Microsoft Office applications. Our software solution HELiCON does not only help you establish the links between the individual systems and safeguard the corporate know-how in this way, but also provides you with numerous automation solutions based on product configurators.  You determine yourself the extent of automation to be realised at your company.

If your focus is on productivity increases in Engineering, HELiCON Engineer will be the right solution for you. HELiCON Engineer supplies complete 3-D product models that can be processed further by your Engineering department, or directly be forwarded to your Production.
If you want to automate complete sales processes through to an efficient order processing, HELiCON Enterprise should be the solution of your choice. This unique automation solution reduces the workload of your Engineering department, and speeds up proposal preparation and order processing significantly – from RFQ through to production.

HELiCON Engineer – Speeds up your design and engineering processes
  • Reuse of existing CAD data from HiCAD and HELiOS
  • Creation, optimisation and management of product models
  • Easy, intuitive operation of the configurator
  • Automated design and engineering tasks by the configurator
  • Valid and error-free documents
  • Central management of the complete product knowledge in the PDM system HELiOS
HELiCON Enterprise – Automates your quotation and order processes
  • Access to the complete product knowledge (Sales Intelligence), e.g. 3-D models, bills of materials, documentation, offers etc.
  • Shorter response times - from RFQ to order
  • Professional and consistent proposals and product documents
  • Increased flexibility due to customer-specific quotation processes
  • Lower sales costs and shorter lead times
  • Transparent, controllable and flexible corporate processes

HELiCON Engineer

Reduce the time for Design and Engineering processes from days to minutes!

HELiCON Enterprise

Optimise and manage your quotation and order processes – from RFQ through to production.


HELiCON – for maximum productivity and customer satisfaction

HELiCON – Maximum efficiency throughout all departments

HELiCON’s configuration system enables the visualisation of any assembled product from any industry - no matter whether you require small, simple assemblies or large, complex plants. Customized products can be generated at the push of a button, complete with the corresponding offers.  In this way, special customer wishes can be realised in only a few minutes. HELiCON increases the efficiency of all departments in a company and ensures the satisfaction of its customers.

Thanks to shorter response times from the receipt of the RFQ to the creation of the finished product, the main goals of any company will be achieved: Lower costs, higher profits, better products and happy customers.

The communication with the customer will be increased significantly. For example, your sales representatives will have the option to create and visualise all product-relevant data directly at the customer’s company. Or you can provide your customers with a web portal, where they can configure their products themselves. As a result of the speeded up sales processes, your sales staff will have more time for the landing of new orders.

Your staff in the production can work much more efficiently, without having to repeat production runs because of errors in order documents.

The standardisation of product variants creates new resources in your development department. This enables your developers to concentrate on new projects.

Your EDP department benefits from an automated proposal preparation and order processing as well as from a company-wide access to the corporate know-how.

HELiCON – An example from practice

HELiCON – creates complete sales documents, even with lists of different variants if desired

Walraven Group

The example of the Walraven Group in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands illustrates that product configuration tools can nowadays be used on a really large scale, and not just in the Engineering or Sales department of a company.  Thanks to the utilisation of HELiCON, the producer of fixings for heating systems, sanitary installations, sprinkler pipes, air ducts, cooling systems and solar panels could optimise its quotation processes significantly.

The sales engineers at Walraven can configure various systems in any location of the world, create offers and modify them subsequently – even at their customers’ companies. The configuration process is visually illustrated by means of realistic 3-D models. The result of the configuration includes, besides a detailed offer, the corresponding bill of materials and the 3-D CAD drawing. The products created at Walraven are used in a wide range of fields: Building services engineering, offshore and shipbuilding projects, industrial and infrastructure facilities. Although the requirements of the these projects are very different, they can all be realised on the basis of one standard parts catalogue enabling the assembling of the desired product with the help of a rules set managed in the HELiCON Configurator.

Walraven uses HiCAD for its design tasks. HiCAD communicates with the HELiCON Configurator via an interface.

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