Legal notes Cookies

1. What are Cookies?

During your visits of websites, so-called “cookies”, i.e. small text files, will be stored on your computer. Such cookies record information about the navigation of your computer on the visited website (selected page, day, time, duration of visit etc.) A cookie will be downloaded via the browser when you visit a website for the first time. When you visit the website the next time with the same computer, the browser will check whether a corresponding cookie exists (i.e. contains the website name). It will then send the data stored in the cookie back to the website.

Some cookies are important for the functionalities of the websites and will be automatically activated by us when you visit them. The ISD Group also uses cookies in order to facilitate the utilisation of the web pages and to provide you with contents you may be interested in. Furthermore, we use this information for auto-completion of enquiry forms, sparing you a repeated entering of your data in these forms. Your navigation through the web pages will be facilitated and your utilisation of them will become more efficient with each visit. As a result, the overall user-friendliness will be increased.

By using our website you give your consent for the use and the storing of cookies on your computer.  While most browsers will automatically accept the storing of cookies, you can also view our website without cookies if desired. If you do not want to allow the storing of cookies on your computer, select ‘Do not accept cookies’ in your browser settings. Stored cookies can be deleted from your computer at any time. The exact procedure is described in the user manuals of your browser or your computer.

An identification of your identity on the basis of the information collected by us is not possible. In our ‘Data Protection’ notes it is explained in detail how we protect your privacy.

2. Types of Cookies used by the ISD Group

The ISD Group uses different types of cookies on its web pages. Some or all of the cookies described below may be stored in your browser.

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