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Verband für Fassadentechnik e.V.

Competent development and construction of facades requires a lot of experience and technical know-how in both theory and practice. This also includes continuous learning, the exchange of information with planners, good contacts with the industry, builders, architects, companies, associations, and institutes. To ensure that  these requirements will be met now and in the future, the Frankfurt-based association for facade technologies VFT – Verband für Fassadentechnik e.V.  was founded in Offenbach in 1992.

The VFT is a network of experienced, free and independent planners, technicians, engineers and builders in the field of building shell-related facade engineering who constitute the group of “regular members” according to association law.
Companies associated with the field of facade engineering – system houses, sun shield manufacturers, glass producers or other facade engineering-related suppliers form the group of so-called  “supporting members”.  For the “regular members” it is very important to stay in touch with the manufacturing industry in order to always stay up-to-date.