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Sommer Informatik GmbH

The Sommer Informatik GmbH is a market leader in the field of isothermal and U-value calculations. Today, WinIso2D is used in almost all large window manufacturing companies throughout West Europe for the development and optimisation of profile elements. Its partnerships in research and industry, e.g. with the “Institut für Fenstertechnik (ift) Rosenheim”, the “Bundesinnung der Glaser Österreich” (National Glaziers’ Guild of Austria), the “Verband für Fenster und Fassaden” (Association for Windows and Facades) as well as many market-leading companies reinforce its high quality standards.

The WinIso2d function in HiCAD (available as of HiCAD 2013 SP2) support you with the generation of data from WinIso calculations in HiCAD drawings.