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ProSTEP iViP and Codex of PLM Openness

The Codex of PLM Openness (CPO) is an initiative of the ProSTEP iViP association. Its aim is to convey a general understanding and establish consistent standards of PLM openness among IT customers, IT providers and IT service providers. The CPO is much more than just a general request for the availability of IT standards and the corresponding IT interfaces, as it provides measurable criteria (‚must’, ‚should’, ‚can’) for interoperability, infrastructures, extensibility, interfaces, standards, architectures and partner relations.

The increasing interconnectedness of all kinds of different market participants requires the creation of a consistent IT structure in the field of PLM. By signing the Codex of PLM Openness (CPO) the ISD Group supports such openness of IT systems. In doing so, the ISD Group does not only commit itself to meet the requirements of the CPO in the field of product development, but also to actively support technical advancements in this field.