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In 1984, GRAPHISOFT launched the first model-based planning software (today known as BIM) called ARCHICAD on the market. Working with ARCHICAD is, thanks to its user-friendly UI, particularly intuitive and allows its users to work with one central model, from which all drawings and calculations can be derived in live operation. Also, the company is a market leader in its sector, with innovative solutions such as the BIMcloud®, which allows a cooperation of all partners involved in a BIM project in real time. BIMx® by GRAPHISOFT is the worldwide leading application for an easy access to BIM by builders and project members. A multitude of interfaces to other software solutions speeds up and optimizes the exchange of 3-D data with other planning partners. For a BIM-based data exchange, the IFC interface forms the basis for the OPEN BIM process, i.e. the open model-oriented data exchange.